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Comey’s one-document dump – does anyone still care?

October 29, 2016

Well sure, some people do.

Anyone in the paid print and broadcast media world cares, because it gives them something new to talk about.

The people whose dirty laundry is being aired probably care, since it can influence  where they live for the next 20 years or more .

The truly interesting part of the Comey letter is “why now?’

What changed in his world?

Did he find his conscience, is there something of real importance on the Abedin/Weiner computer(s), or were there too many people threatening to resign and go public and he decided to get out in front of that?   TBD.

But the voters?

The sleaze factor is already baked into the cake.

The thing that most voters are undecided about now is whether to haul their butts off the couch and go vote.

The main component driving most people’s interest now is whether Donald Trump can still make a race out of it.

A week ago, that answer would have been no, bearing in mind that only a few states can impact the electoral college vote.

By a week from Tuesday, if he continues to close on, or actually erases her lead, that could all change. Assuming that the “hidden” Trump vote is real, even being down by only one or two points could motivate people to get off the couch.

In that context, most people just don’t specifically care anymore about Huma Abedin’s laptop or tablet, or whatever device she uses and/or shares with her pervert husband.

For them, it’s just TMI. Now if Director Comey can (figuratively) put the smoking gun in Hillary’s hand, that would resonate. At his point if he can, he doesn’t have anything else to lose. His bridges are already burned.

Polls and pundits notwithstanding, most people know who they are going to vote for, assuming they vote.

Very few people really believe that Hillary Clinton will actually make their lives better.  At this point they are simply voting to retain the relative safety of the status quo.

Mr. Trump has actually helped his cause more than has the seemingly never-ending flood of garbage, simply by sticking to the core issues of the economy, national security and law and order.

Those are areas that try as she might, Mrs. Clinton simply can’t talk about with any aura of credibility.

Well over half the country has already voted for change, simply by keeping her numbers below 50%.

The RCP average has had Trump on top both Friday and Saturday in some polls, and that’s before the impact of the FBI Director’s sudden about-face.

It is not lost on anyone that when Mr. Trump becomes President Trump, assuming he does, things are going to change in Washington.

Old alliances will be ineffective, and new ones had better take into account the mood of the people more than they have in the past.

In the end, this election will be about whether those that have something to fear from change or those that are willing to take a chance on it will prevail.

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