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W-A-A-A-H – Who’s whining now?

October 31, 2016

Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism throughout this campaign for what has been called whining.

It is only fitting then that Hillary Clinton be singled out for the same criticism.

In her case, it boils down to “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

Granted, there has been a long-standing tradition ( and not a particularly good one) of not inserting potential new or pending legal action into presidential campaigns late into the contest.

But that’s all it is. Tradition.  At best an internal rule. There seems to be no force of law behind it.

As this thing continues, and it will continue, there will be more questions asked about the timing of the Comey letter, questions similar to those raised in a previous post on this website.

None of that is germane to the central question.  Why were Mrs. Clinton and her staff so blatantly careless with government material, and why shouldn’t the American people know about it before they vote?

It is worth noticing that what the Clinton campaign is whining about is not whether there are Clinton and government related e-mails on the Weiner-man’s personal computer.

No, they are doing what they always do…trying to kill the messenger.

Harry Reid of course immediately threatens Comey with a violation of the Hatch Act, which forbids government employees from working to aid one party or the other.

Really?  So, if that’s the case, why no outrage over the Director’s initial decision not to go forward on the Clinton emails even though he presented a perfect case to do so?

Well, it is Harry Reid.  ‘Nuff said.

Whether that traditional 30 to 60 day grace period should apply or not, the issue at hand concerns an investigation which  was only conditionally closed and that began well before the courtesy deadline.

The information in question was presumably an incidental byproduct of an unrelated investigation, making delving further into it illegal without a warrant.

That’s similar to investigating someone for tax fraud and finding out there was evidence that an armed robbery was committed.  The original warrants wouldn’t cover the investigation of the new crime. Yet for some reason it reportedly took almost 30 days for new warrants to be issued.

Ostensibly that is why the specific content of the emails was not investigated prior to the Comey letter.  Given that some reporting indicates he or his employees were having trouble getting a new warrant, perhaps he felt compelled to do what he did. The warrant(s) magically appeared very quickly after he did so.

That’s what  makes  Mrs. Clinton’s call for Director Comey to release the new information without warrant in hand totally disingenuous, as is her demands that all of the emails be immediately made public.

Given the astronomically large number of emails being bandied about, it isn’t hard to see that this could in fact take months.

Surely there were secure government devices available for Mrs. Abedin-Weiner to use to back up her phone, but no, she puts them on a home computer. One that is also used by her husband to engage in his “hobby.”


Actually the content of the emails or whether there is anything new to be seen isn’t the only thing that needs to be investigated.

Also at stake here is why a convicted and disgraced former member of Congress should have had access to confidential government documents on his personal computer.

Equally at issue is whether his possession of or access to those materials is a breach of national security or worse on the part of his now reportedly estranged wife.

Even if Mrs. Clinton did not personally send any information to Anthony Weiner, as Secretary of State  she took an oath to protect the United States. That involves making sure her aides keep information pertinent to national security actually secure.

Given that she recorded a video on that subject, it’s unlikely she can now say she didn’t know about the law.

How protected would you feel if she and her closest advisers win the election?

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