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The truth matters.

November 1, 2016

Overheard at the coffee shop,

“If my kid lied like that, I’d ground her until she was old enough for Medicare.”

The speaker was referring to Donna Brazile ‘s feeble attempts to wave off having been caught feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Up to this point, Mrs. Clinton’s honest and trustworthy numbers haven’t seemed to have had much impact on her poll numbers.

That may have changed.

One obviously conflicted Democratic voter summed it up this way:

“Listen, you expect a certain amount of crap during these elections.  No candidate’s going to jump up and tell everything bad they’ve ever done. But hell, this Clinton woman doesn’t seem to have ever told the truth about anything to anyone, and the people around her are dropping like flies.”

And most poignant of all,

“My kids are old enough now to really pay attention to the election. Yesterday, my 11-year-old turned to me and told me I shouldn’t vote for Clinton ‘because she is a big liar, and you always tell me that people who aren’t honest shouldn’t get a reward for it.’  I mean, what do you say to that?”

Does that mean these people are going to become Trump converts? Probably not.

But it does show that people, at least some of them, are thinking beyond the moment.

These folks are lifelong Democrats, but they no longer believe that is enough to vote for Hillary.

They’re thinking about their kids, and about whether they can trust Mrs. Clinton to do anything she says she will do.

If nothing else about this election sticks, this contest will have a lasting effect on the number of people that have seen politics from the bottom up, many for the first time.

They don’t like the view.

One heretofore undecided voter noted that we don’t need to worry about the Russians; we have enough power-hungry crooks of our own to threaten the country.

Maybe not all of them would go as far as the lady who says she’s inclined to vote for a foul-mouthed novice rather than a professional liar.

She summed it up this way; “He’s just not a good enough liar to cover up anything. She’s had way too much practice at it, and that’s more scary than Donald Trump.”

With one week to go, it will be interesting to see how many people agree with her.

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