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E minus 6 and counting.

November 2, 2016

It has taken Donald Trump a while to focus in on adding more detail to his policy theories, but at least he seems to have some theories and solutions in play.

The Clinton campaign strategy on the other hand is “You gotta hate him and them more than you do me.”

The “them” of course is anyone not buying into her strategy of paying off one voter demographic group to vote against the others.

From the very start of the Clinton campaign, the strategy has been focused on lumping everyone under a demographic banner.

According to that mindset, all women think the same, all racial groups feel the same way, and all millennials are possessed of just one brain between them.

My God, that’s so insulting!

While it may be difficult for her crew to accept, there are differences within the macro- categories.

Believe it or not, there are women out there who resent being defined by their gender. Some of them would like to be recognized for their brains as well as their uterus.

There are people of color that resent being courted strictly on the basis of their racial characteristics. They don’t believe that they are simply Mr. or Ms. Brown or Black.

There are people that feel that colleges should be about education, and not function as just some giant social propaganda laboratory.

Historians and biographers and authors will be taking the past eighteen months apart piece by piece for decades, no matter who wins.

The one thing that seems to most clearly differentiate the Trump voter from the Clinton voter is whether they are voting for changing or accepting the status quo of 2016 as America’s future.

Those that think that this is as good as gets in the future will vote for her.

The rest of “them” will not.

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