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Misogyny defeating Clinton. Really?

November 3, 2016

According to President Obama, any man that doesn’t vote for Hillary Clinton needs to get over his gender bias. Just put a sock on it.

Given that some of our nation’s institutions of higher learning are intent on performing social castration, and since the president was speaking on a college campus, maybe that makes some sort of twisted sense.

By extension, does that also mean that any woman not voting for Donald Trump is a man-hater?

Good grief!

There are a whole lot of reasons not to vote for Mrs. Clinton, but an educated guess says it isn’t because she lacks the proper plumbing.

A proper sense of right and wrong maybe, but then that’s an equal opportunity character flaw.

For instance, there’s a story going around that the FBI is still actively investigating her and her family’s foundation.

Quite frankly, that’s a badly kept secret.  FBI Director Comey kind of gave that away when he refused to answer any questions related to the foundation during his July congressional testimony.

Anyone who is familiar with how 501(c)(3) corporations work and has the expertise to pick through the foundation’s 990 tax report already had questions.

The news here isn’t that the Clinton Foundation may be in breach of several legal requirements  and financial disclosure laws,  but that the FBI chose to leak the information now.

This is one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t moments for the FBI.

Frankly, there is no good time to release the information.

Wait until after the election and the agency will be portrayed as a political toady. Do it now, and the charge will be that they don’t yet have an indictment, so the information should have been withheld.

It is instructive that as of 8.a.m.Eastern today, none of the liberal media was reporting on it as a big deal, if they were reporting on it at all.

Of course they do have another big story in the World Series.  That’s an easy read. It’s also a lot more clear cut. The team with the most points in Game Seven was the winner.

It’s too bad that politics can’t be like that, but it isn’t. Elections are always messy.

Let’s just say that with his nod to the anti-male crowd, the President didn’t exactly hit a game-winning grand slam.

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  1. The kinds of alleged financial improprieties you ascribe to HRC are, allegedly, things Trump is also guilty of. And, like Clinton, Trump is under the yoke of various law suits and investigations. And he also erased thousands upon thousands of emails at his companies, apparently to avoid having those emails fall into the hands of those suing him. What we Do know is that Clinton released her taxes and Trump did not.
    The problem with conservative arguments that begin, “Well the Clintons” is that virtually anything you can say of them, ethically, you can also say of Trump. So these pot-calling-the-kettle-black explanations don’t meaningful address the title of your article. I also don’t understand your assertion that “the liberal media” isn’t covering these various FBI-related stories. Did Limbaugh tell you that? Hannity? Who, then. I know you’re not speaking from first-hand reading experience, because Comey’s reopening of the investigation has been among the lead stories every day until just today ever since the story broke.
    A stronger argument for you might be to drop your various conspiracy theories that begin with “the liberal media” and focus on this observation: Conservative men eagerly supported Palin (until she demonstrated she doesn’t have what it takes) – so it’s not merely sex bias that explains antipathy against Clinton.

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