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A tale of two Americas.

November 10, 2016

America woke up post-election on November 9 in shock, but for vastly different reasons.

Trump supporters couldn’t believe they’d managed to beat the liberal/progressive machine.

One man told a story of his wife literally grabbing him by the hair and forcing him to go to the polls amid threats of cold sandwiches for the next four years if he didn’t vote.

“All the way there I kept telling her it was a waste of time.  I just didn’t think there were enough decent, hard-working, law-abiding people out there anymore to win. I went to bed at my usual 11:00 and I woke up to a miracle.”

Clinton supporters on the other hand feel like they’ve fallen down a tunnel. One young man said in total seriousness,

“I guess I’d better get bars for the door and windows. Won’t be long now ’til the Klan goes ridin’.”

That’s a tough sort of place to govern.

Although it is tempting to categorize the protestors in New York, Chicago and Oakland as a bunch of anarchist thugs, some of them are honestly scared and the others are having a plain old temper tantrum.

That’s not to say the criminal element isn’t working on exploiting that angle. The people organizing the protests are the same people that have burned buildings and cheered for cop-killers from coast to coast.

Still, it would be unfair to paint the consequences for the all protestors with the same brush.

If you are in this country illegally, you have a problem. If your entire existence depends on government assistance you have a problem. If you are a revolving door career criminal you have a problem.

If you are a left-wing mob organizer you’ve got a VERY big problem.

The hardest thing for America now will be to distinguish between appropriate discipline and outright revenge.

One thing is for sure, ignoring bad behavior in this new environment isn’t an option.

We have been 30 years getting to this tipping point. Like any disciplinary problem too long ignored, we now have a lot of very bad habits ingrained into an awful lot of people.

We already have a wall and we’ve built it brick by brick. The election didn’t solve all the problems. Mr. Trump is at best just a key to a door in that wall of our own making.

Perhaps if all the mush-brains that  have threatened to leave the U.S. actually would go, we could get on with that.

Oh, and just a quick note to the sign holders and building burners..

Threatening the life of the President isn’t a real smart strategy.

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