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Your riots are your problem.

November 12, 2016

Note to newscasters.  We do not have a Federal Chief of Police or city manager.

It is not President Obama or President-elect Trump’s  job to keep your city streets safe from your local thugs.

To be sure, they can set the national tone, and both men as well as the former Democratic candidate have come out and said it’s time to knock it off.

Unless the mobs damage Federal property or the riots are conducted by a military or terrorist cell,  that’s as far as they can or should go at this point.

Control of urban violence is a state and local government issue.

If you don’t like your car being wrecked or your store burned down then get off your arse and on your feet.

Demand that your local officials empower your local law enforcement to get things under control.  You can even take your displeasure as far as your governor’s office.

Remember, no local or state official is immune to a recall election.

One of the concepts on trial in the election was that of self-determination and the decentralizing of government control, vs. the nanny state.

It’s interesting to note that the most violent demonstrations seem to be in the most strongly liberal areas.

If you are now reaping the harvest of the seeds of anarchy you have sown, then with all due respect, that’s your problem.

This election was at least partially about not substituting government micro-management for personal responsibility.

Portland is a visually pretty city, at least in the tourist areas. However, if the citizens of Portland are OK with having a burned out business district, that’s their choice. If their idea of promoting green transportation is to allow private cars to be torched and vandalized beyond repair,  that’s actually no one’s business but theirs.

Your city, or county or state is what you want it to be.  It’s your bed to make, and yours to sleep in.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. Neither your city, state nor country should be the most important thing to worry about, but *our world*. Nationalism is of the main problems. Sadly people put their own intereses over rational universal values and benefits all the time. Probably a natural human way of thinking, but hopefully reason will overwin primitive instincts with time.

    • I can only hope that someday you find a planet somewhere that allows you to create your ideal homogeneous world. For myself, I prefer this one, for at least in this world, there is room to improve.

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