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Friday Round -up

November 18, 2016

This ain’t Ziprecruiter

All the brouhaha about who comes and goes from Trump Tower has become absolutely laughable.

About the only person who hasn’t been speculated upon as a possible Cabinet member is Elvis.

Perhaps the press doesn’t understand how corporate hiring is done. First you apply (or in this case offer up your name), then someone looks at your resume, then maybe you get an initial interview.

The problem with that process for a new president is that you can’t just hand it off to your HR department or an online recruiting site like Ziprecruiter™ or Monster™.

It certainly helps that President-elect Trump or VP-elect Pence actually knows some of these people, but that’s not quite the same as picking someone to help you run a country.

Hopefully one of the building’s staff doesn’t wear a real nice suit to come to work, because he or she may well find themselves being reported as the next Secretary of Something.

Take a breath, people. It’s pretty likely that when all the rest of the Cabinet picks have been made, the Trump people will tell you.

Passive-aggressive Obama

After having at least shown some good manners at home regarding the election outcome, President Obama pulled one of his common tactics of waiting until he is outside the country to diss the country, it’s people and the new President.

Somehow it sounds like the obnoxious little kid who says he never really wanted to play with all the other kids who left him sitting alone anyway.

Where are their parents?

Don’t any of those protesting high school and junior high kids have parents? If all this wailing and breast beating goes on until the inauguration and beyond, why are the parents paying taxes to have their kids educated?

Educated in what? Contempt for authority, the rule of law and democracy?

And in that same vein, why are we paying to have children trained as a liberal army?


And not a moment too soon.

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