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America’s Suicide Cliff

November 19, 2016

Donald Trump gets elected, and half of America freaks out.  It’s even a Broadway event, as noted in the New York Post.

This mass hysteria event is more than slightly reminiscent of the horrific WWII mass suicide at a place that came to be known as Suicide Cliff, or locally as Laderan Banadero.

For those who eschew the study of history, Suicide Cliff was the site of a mass suicide that took place on the Northern Mariana  island of Saipan toward the end of WWII.

The event was occasioned by the MacArthur-Nimitz “island-hopping” battle strategy, whereby islands would be captured and used as bases for stepping stones toward the Japanese mainland.

Contemporary reports estimated that over 8,000 Japanese, many of them women and children, jumped from cliffs to their deaths when American forces invaded the Northern Mariana island.

The mass suicide was the result of long-term propaganda efforts by the Japanese to inspire the island’s residents to resist the American forces, literally to the death.

According to the Japanese meme of that time, American soldiers would rape, kill and then eat the women and children.

Rather than subject themselves to that horror, the brainwashed residents committed mass suicide, an action the Japanese government hailed as their patriotic duty. The site is now on the list of National Historic Landmarks.

It is that level of lemming-like behavior we now see from the side that lost the election.

In the midst of all of that the Democrats are largely blaming everyone and everything but themselves.

Whether Tim Ryan (D-OH) is successful in challenging Nancy Pelosi for the House  minority leadership position or not, at least he isn’t blaming the current state of the Democratic Party on FBI Director Comey.

That’s not to say he got it all right, but at least he has a broader view than the San Francisco CA representative.

The economy, which covers other areas such as jobs, an avalanche of regulations that harm businesses, immigration, etc. may have been the leading excuse to vote for Donald Trump, but it wasn’t the only reason.

Now almost two  weeks past the election many people are admitting that the left-wing influence on the Democratic party  drove them to at least look to someone other than Hillary Clinton.

At the top of that list was what a great many saw as a concerted effort to divide the country into armed camps.

Blake put it this way.

“Every time I heard her say anything it was about making one group of Americans hate another group.  I’m black, so I should hate whites. I’m a guy so I have to vote for a woman to prove I’m not a woman-hater. I make pretty good money, so I should give it to some people that not only have never worked a day in their lives, but don’t want to work. Bullshit!”

Sephrina noted that she too thought that a woman might bring some new, fresh ideas to Washington, but that Hillary Clinton was “still living in the 1960’s and ’70s.”

Margery added “That woman hates and distrusts everybody, so she thinks that’s the way the world should be, and I don’t want to live in her world.”

Leigh Ann observed that the country seems to have split into big city liberals vs. everyone else, a phenomenon also noted by some in the media.

It’s truly fascinating watching some analysts trying to decide how to parse the sea of red that depicts the results of the election by weighting counties by their “importance.”


By that standard, Los Angeles County is deemed  far moré important than say, Montana, because it contains more people per square mile.

Huh? Even in the left’s world of altered perception, that’s hard logic to follow.

It seems that irrespective of emails, or servers or quid pro quo or any of the rest of it, the people who voted Trump just don’t like the Democratic party’s world view.

Don’t jump yet, folks.  It’s a long way down and there’s nothing good at the bottom.




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