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This IS normal.

November 21, 2016

The transition period between the presidential terms of the 44th and 45th Presidents, that is.

It’s just not normal by political standards, which accounts for all this drama and intestinal effluence we are wading around in now.

Back on May 16, 2015, this blog noted the entrance of now President-elect Trump onto the American political stage.

Like almost everyone else at the time, the post questioned whether the new candidate  was serious about his run while noting that if he was, things were about to get very interesting.

He was and they have been.

One of the more interesting, if frustrating things is that both his opponents and the mainstream media keep trying to evaluate the 45th President-elect by “normal” political standards.

His supporters were more realistic.

The whole premise that his supporters hung their hopes upon was that he wasn’t a politician, but a businessman.

In short, someone who would make decisions from the perspective of a balance sheet, not a ballot box.  Maybe that’s why the “normal” political establishment got sucker-punched two weeks ago.

Sometimes that background has helped and sometimes it has hurt him, but it’s never been hidden.

Melding the worlds of politics and business hasn’t been and won’t be easy.

There’s always the danger that the practical business mind fails to acknowledge the smoke and mirror political playbook. After all, the atmospheres of those two worlds are almost completely incompatible.

Political campaigns  judge success by whether their candidate gets elected.

The business world is not so forgiving.

This is the very tail-end of the product development stage, just before the shelves get stocked and the investors (us) find out if we backed a legacy money-making product, or just another pet rock.

You see, success in the business world is not about whether the product has a great roll-out.

It’s whether the product has sustainability, not just flash. Pretty is as pretty does.

Think about it.  Who thought that putting bum fodder on a roll was going to be a big deal back in 1890 when the Scott Paper Company introduced the world to TP on a roll?

So for all of those pundits and protestors wringing their hands about how “unpresidential” President-elect Trump is, take heart and be of good cheer.

This business plan looks like it’s still on track to meet its first year sales objectives.

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