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The only acceptable “anti-?”

November 22, 2016

OK, I admit it. I might write about politics, but I’m human. I’m TIRED of political theater about the election on any channel, and since the election is over, I can occasionally choose not to watch it.

So, and my apologies to @TuckerCarlson,  last night was the first time I saw one of Fox’s new primetime shows, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In fact, to be perfectly honest, I was killing time until re-runs of “M.A.S.H” came on.

That’s how I happened to tune in during a segment appropriately named “Campus Craziness.”

You can tune in to the show clip on, but the gist of the segment was that the American flag  was banned on campus at  one Hampshire College due to a flag-burning incident, as reported by the Boston Globe. The ban was later expanded to include all flags.

Apparently this was to give the college the ability to “focus on actual acts of racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ…” acts, rather than to explain why the flag had a right to be flown on campus.

The young man being interviewed, Daniel Vogel, was explaining why he supported this flag ban at the high-priced school for the progeny of the One Percent.

He has been quoted as follows, purportedly from  an interview given to the Amherst Bulletin.

Think about the groups who use the flag, from police officers to the U.S. Army,” student Daniel Vogel told the Amherst Bulletin. “These are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.”

Now don’t get me wrong.

Whether out of the hubris of youth or the courage of his convictions, young Mr. Vogel at least had the guts to come on Fox and lay out his argument, and for that I commend him. It is always instructive to know how the other half thinks.

But good heavens young man, please replay the show clip and listen to yourself.

Every political epithet and racial stereotype that you accuse the United States of, you are displaying yourself.

Change the words around slightly and translate them into German, and I might have thought I was listening to Adolf Hitler, rabble rouser, before he became Chancellor of Nazi Germany.

Das ist nicht so gut. This young man’s career aspiration is to become an American history teacher.

Or perhaps more accurately, an anti-American teacher.

This in spite of the fact that he feels the money his parents are spending to send him to this extremely high-priced (reportedly $62K per year)  private liberal college is blood money they earned off the backs of all the downtrodden of the past.

This is exactly what the Democratic Party is talking about when they say they need to invest more time and effort into the young.

Mr. Vogel typifies the Neo-Democratic Party’s anti-American  educational boot camps that are fairly common throughout the educational system.

While this particular college is the stereotypical rich kid safe haven, the attitudes are just as common in many state and federally supported universities.

This isn’t exactly new news.  This is the UC Berkeley/Saul Alinsky playbook, updated for the times.

If you haven’t seen the whole clip, watch it. Pay particular attention to the conviction behind the words.

If after you watch it, you still don’t know why Donald Trump is the President-elect, I doubt there is much hope of ever explaining it in a manner that you can understand.

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