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The case of the dueling $7 million.

December 5, 2016

Let’s see.  The Green Party says it collected about $7 million dollars from somewhere or someone to contest the elections in three states where their candidate finished dead last among the top four.

Meanwhile, the President-elect had a hand in committing $7 million in Indiana state funds to save the jobs of 1100-plus people.

And which scenario is the liberal progressive left having a nervous breakdown over? Why, the jobs saved, of course.

This never-ending liberal progressive freak-out has gotten a bit out of hand. It doesn’t even engender much anger anymore,  just pity and ridicule.  It even has its own nickname…sore loser syndrome.

President-elect Trump made a few phone calls, maybe twisted an arm or two, and 1100 families have their jobs back. It cost Indiana taxpayers $7 million dollars in economic incentives, which their governor, now the VP-elect, had already agreed to commit.  Horrifying.

Can the Presidet-elect  do individual outreach to every business in America?


But considering he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet, it might be wise to cut him some slack.  He promised those specific people he would help them and he did. How novel is it that a candidate would keep his word?

More to the overall point, how exactly are the incentives offered to Carrier different from the State of New York’s tax incentive plan for upstate New York, or from any number of cities that run utilities and streets to a new commercial site without charge, or for that matter  the over $2 BILLION dollars the Feds gave to failed green energy projects? Are the Democratic governors turning down the economic development block grants from Washington?

Then there is the China dust-up.  With all due respect to international protocol, since when are good manners not diplomatic?

The question of whether President-elect Trump was being cagy or naïve will be answered in days to come. Given China’s recent world posturing, it was inevitable that there would be some sort of incident involving the incoming administration. China has done this before, usually very shortly after the new President takes office.

Specific to the Carrier deal, that could be explained by the fact that simply as a matter of timing, Mr. Trump is not yet officially president. He was technically acting as a private citizen, albeit one with considerable clout.

None of these events changes the basic problem.

The issue at hand is that no incoming President should have to deal with the infantile rants of the defeated party’s representatives.

The Democrats already have shown themselves to be out of touch with the 21st century, not to mention the American people.

The hackneyed identity politics of the 1960’s isn’t working anymore. Most of us do not want to divide the country into the white and non-white, rich and poor, or male vs. female camps forevermore.

The one good thing about all the bubbles and fluff erupting from the left is that it serves to remind the President-elect’s supporters why they voted for him, rather than Mrs. Clinton.

The far left seems quite happy to throw seven million dollars out the window to keep the fight alive, even if it doesn’t fund what it was supposed to fund.

That’s OK though…it’s still a free country.  Spend your money wherever it pleases you to do so.

Just one question though.  How many jobs will your $7 million save?

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