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Voter intimidation?

December 13, 2016

The only thing still certifiable about this election are the head cases who refuse to accept it.

If the people who voted for Donald Trump screwed up they’ll have to own it, and him. They know and seem to accept that responsibility at this point.

Not so Hillary’s hounds, most of whom are still baying at the moon.

The continuing efforts to influence (dare we say hack?) the Electoral College to either invalidate or actually change the results of the election would be more at home in some overseas dictatorship than they are here.

The latest ploy is reported to be to “brief” the 538 electors on the “interference of Russia” in the election.

First of all, if that “briefing” is any more substantial than a thinly veiled threat or more likely, a photo op, it would probably require each elector to be vetted for a security clearance.

Second, the Clinton people calling for it, such as Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine and oh yes, that paragon of political virtue, John Podesta, are hardly unbiased election observers.

The one recount which has been completed didn’t result in enough change to warrant it’s multi-million-dollar price tag. In fact it increased Trump’s lead by a reported 131 votes without finding a single instance of fraudulent voting or voting machine hacking. The other two state recounts have mercifully (for the voter’s pocketbooks)  been stopped by the courts.

It’s ironic that the “upheaval and turmoil” attributed variously to white supremacists, James Comey, all those deplorable voters and now to Russia is being created by the self-styled compassionate, tolerant, diversity-minded Democratic liberal left.

And it’s starting to take its toll on their future.

While some people are calling for more shall we say, hands-on responses, one elderly woman confided to friends that as she has no living relatives, she was leaving her estate equally to the Republican Party and a conservative nonprofit legal group, although she had been a life-long Democrat until this year.

In another anecdotally reported case, a California college student who made the mistake of raising his hand when asked if he voted for Donald Trump has decided to switch his major from finance to political science, with the sole intent of advancing conservative political issues.

Elections do have consequences. This one may result in generational changes that reach far beyond the voting booth.

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