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Welcome to our world.

December 19, 2016

Given how detestably the progressive left has treated soon-to-be FLOTUS Melania Trump, it  is tough not to respond in a similar vein of bad taste toward current First Lady Michelle Obama.

So, when clips are teased of FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s Oprah Winfrey interview, some people are already succumbing to the urge to snipe back at her.

That’s like pillorying a cat because it’s a cat.

The Obama, Pelosi, Sharpton and Warren crowd’s  Hollywood-inspired hissy fits over the election are just who they are. The reaction would be essentially the same if the 45th President was named Bush or Cruz or Rubio, assuming all the same other elements apply.

While Donald Trump focused on getting America functioning as a cohesive unit, the left is still clearly focused on identity politics.

In  one of the preparatory press articles in the December 16 New York Post, Mrs. Obama is quoted as saying “…now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like,”

To which many people are saying “Holy Cow, what was she hoping would happen to America?”

Others say it’s about time she learned what 60-plus million people were feeling as they cast their ballots on November 8.

Those people were voting for more and better jobs, better schools, more freedom to run their families and businesses without constant government interference, an end to playing one group of citizens against the others, truly affordable and available healthcare, and a whole host of things that are generally considered to be fairly universal desires among most of us.

They were certainly not voting for a President that promised loudly and proudly that she was going to put an entire sector of the economy out of business and take away the workers’ jobs.

One woman whose husband is a heavy equipment operator noted that construction jobs were so scattered this summer that he was driving as much as 200 miles one way to pick up a few days work a week. She just hopes that under a Trump presidency, he can work a 40-hour week somewhere close to home.

Another  woman says she wishes her kids had textbooks that aren’t from the 1980’s.

A small business owner says he’s looking forward the day he can take more income out of the business for his family, instead of paying it out to attorneys and accountants as he tries to stay within the avalanche of laws and regulations that seem to cascade out of Washington every day.

Similar stories echo throughout the country.

To these people, PEOTUS Trump’s whole message was about hope. Their hope was never dead, just stifled under a blanket of political correctness and phony concern.

A teacher at an inner city school spread her arms to include all of her diverse class of students, and commented,

“It would be so nice for these kids to be seen and nurtured as individuals, and not a demographic crop to be harvested  by a political party.”

Welcome to our world, Mrs. Obama. We hope you’ll learn to respect it even if you can’t understand it.

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