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Leaving the left behind.

December 21, 2016

The enemy within that most threatens America is not ISIS, but one thing that relates to them holds true throughout time.

To defeat the enemy you must define the enemy, and it’s a homegrown threat. It is the freedom-fearing political element known as the far left.

It’s pretty clear by now that this election was not about Hillary Clinton, at least for a vocal group of left wing mouthpieces.

With the 44th President seemingly  intent on leaving his post with a prominent one-finger salute to America,  and the usual suspects laser-focused  on making the Trump win about angry white men, white privilege, and dumb-ass high school working class white trash, the narrative is fully out in the open.

Of course that fails to explain why the economy and jobs ranked number one throughout the campaign in most of the demographic corrals. Even immigration was far down the list of reasons why Republicans voted the way that they did.

This polyglot group of aging misandrist women, reverse racial bigots masquerading as civil rights leaders, and brainwashed youth does NOT represent America…yet.

Maybe some of the people spouting phrases like toxic masculinity and white privilege while hiding in safe spaces are simply parroting their elders.

That doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. Like ISIS, ignoring their corrosive potential because of a temporary win will lead to disaster.

Remember, five million people signed the petition seeking to illegally overthrow the electoral college process just a few days ago.

That’s only 1.5% of the population, but it’s still a petty big group to ignore, and folks, none of them like anything about America but its money.

It is undoubtedly true that if the Democrats had available another charismatic community organizer like Barack Obama, this election could easily have gone their way.

Rest assured, they will find a better spokesperson next time.

Whatever else he is, President Obama is a master at delivering the left’s messaging. Next to him, poor Mrs. Clinton looked like a well-weathered statue, and fared little better against the decidedly not politically correct Trump.

That said, the KKK did not elect Donald Trump, nor did Russia.

The President-elect’s victory was not about white privilege or black oppression.

It was about American pride, and the certainty that given half a chance to put in the effort, anyone can live a better life here than anywhere else in the world.

The only thing necessary to defeat the worst elements among us is for the rest of us to succeed.

With a little luck and a lot of effort, we can leave the left behind. Why would you back a loser?

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