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December 27, 2016

Well, it took a certain amount of “won’t power” (as in, I won’t even look at that keyboard) to abstain from writing about the many instances of idiocy that cropped up in just four days.

For instance, we have a certain liberal roundtable show co-host and Hillary apologist who first questions whether a woman with kids should work in the White House and then berates those people who found it unacceptable for a man to verbally accost the daughter of a President, in front of her kids (and his) on a public airplane.

Apparently that is perfectly acceptable behavior, since he even went so far as to ask sneeringly If Ivanka Trump was some hothouse flower.

Holy crap Juan, at least try to keep your dislike of the right consistent.

Then there was the was the collective panic attack over PEOTUS Trump’s tweet relative to our nuclear arsenal, made after Putin made it clear he planned on beefing up Russia’s nuclear military.

With three nations and one of their satellite dictatorships all threatening us with nuclear war, what should he have done?

Actually, reminding them we can and now will shoot back doesn’t seem all that out of line.

And then there is President Obama’s opinion that has he been the candidate, Trump would have lost.

Uh, Mr. President, Hillary ran on your record as your third-term surrogate. What part of “it ain’t workin’ for us” don’t you understand?

Indeed, as he has done in the past, the current POTUS has been showing off all the reasons why Mrs. Clinton lost, for at least the last ten days (Israel, anti-energy regulations, etc.)

The biggest unanswered question of this election is likely to be “why was Obama apparently the anti-American President?”

There are dozens of examples, but it all boils down to one candidate being pro-America, and one former candidate who isn’t.

All in all, at least 55% of the country is looking forward to 2017.

That’s a far cry from four years ago.

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