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The Obama Party?

December 28, 2016

In the aftermath of President Obama’s interview with David Axelrod many moderate Democrats are questioning where their party is going.

It’s hard to miss the outgoing President’s bias in this interview. This man just doesn’t like the country he governed for eight years, as typified by this quote from the CNN interview transcript linked above.

” There’s always been an uglier set of impulses in America, exterminating Native Americans for their lands and slavery and Jim Crow and…”

That leaves Ben, a third generation Democrat, troubled and wondering if he backed not just the wrong horse but the wrong stable in this latest race.

“I listened to that interview, and as a Democrat it scared me. There are people in every country and every party that have ugly impulses. Every nation on the planet has things in their history that are wrong, even despicable, but I don’t think we can survive as a nation or as a political party if we let one man’s opinion, even a past president, define us that way.”

Ben isn’t alone.

The closer President Obama comes to becoming a private citizen again, the uglier and more divisive the rhetoric gets.

Couple that with many of his actions as he leaves office, and it looks like the country will stay divided politically for a long time to come, should President Obama have his way about it.

It remains to be seen whether the Michael Moore-George Soros faction can swing the massive counter-Trump demonstrations they are promising on Inaugural Day 2017.

Even if that should fizzle due to security enforcement, five million-plus people signed the petition imploring the Electoral College to invalidate the election, and 13.2 million voted in the primary for the far-left progressive, Bernie Sanders.

That’s quite a draft pool for the far left progressive movement to draw upon in the next four years, especially when the draft board is headed up by the highly articulate and skilled community organizer, our 44th President.

Asked where his loyalties point now, Ben said,  ” I don’t know. Maybe Mr. Obama will break off from the Democrats and start his own party.  If not, I’m pretty sure I won’t be voting as a Democrat again anytime soon.”



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