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So long, 2016.

December 30, 2016

In just a bit more than 39 hours, 2016 will pass into history and another 366 days will added to our collective memory.

A New Year’s celebration is supposed to be about new beginnings, and certainly a lot of people want to feel that 2017 will usher in a more upbeat, hopeful period going forward.

Given the events since the improbable election season of 2016, others see 2017 as a year in the balance.

They ask, have we really arrested the moral and political slide of the last eight years, or, like the little Dutch boy, is this just a finger in the dike?

Even the most hopeful Trump voter is not blind to President Obama’s frenetic rush to throw up roadblocks for the new administration and his all-too-obvious desire to punish those that have at least temporarily changed the course of America’s history.

One older Baby Boomer voter summed it up this way.

“We are the last generation that can remember and actually participated in what made the United States a great nation throughout the 20th century. We barely pulled the country back from the brink of global socialism this year. We won’t be around forever, so we’d damn well better get the course set straight this time around.  We are out of second chances.”

Maybe that sounds as melodramatic to the millennial generation as the breast beating and wailing from the left since the morning of November 9 does to the more seasoned older generation.

Still, it is widely accepted even by the far left that what put Trump over the top was the preponderance of voters over 45 who voted for him, with that demographic reportedly voting for Trump over Clinton by a full nine points.

Time will tell whether the nation made the right choice that day.

Did his supporters pick someone strong enough to beat back not just his far-left rivals, but the far-right ones as well?  That’s a question for the future to answer.

The really outstanding thing about 2016 for many is that it’s finally over. No matter how the moving finger writes going forward, 2016 will be remembered as a watershed year and that puts the Happy back into Happy New Year for an awful lot of people.

See you next year!

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