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Barack Obama, Alt-president?

January 4, 2017

If anyone had any doubt about why outgoing President Obama will be staying in Washington D.C. after the inauguration, today’s events surrounding Obamacare should make it perfectly clear.

Like trained seals, Democrats exited their meeting with the boss and began spouting all the same tired, shopworn homilies and slogans of the last eight or more years.

Granny in the attic sounds suspiciously close to Granny over the cliff. We’ve all heard it so many times before it’s hard to be persuaded that it is not on a permanent auditory loop.

Since the election, Barack Obama has made no secret of his belief that he, and he alone, is fit to lead the left, starting with his interview with David Axelrod.

The Obama family’s new  8500 square foot Washington residence will not just house them, but the opposition counter-insurgency that it is clear the left is organizing.

To some extent, that’s a good thing.

Just in case Republicans thought that a little thing like winning elections was going to make their jobs any easier, this upcoming alt-presidency should disabuse of them of that notion.

House Speaker Ryan reiterated over and over this morning that no one was going to be suddenly stripped of their insurance by the repeal-and-replace strategy.  He also noted that the most popular parts of Obamacare, particularly the coverage of pre-existing conditions and keeping 26-year-old “children” on the parents’ policies would be retained.

You would think that would be comforting to the 18 million or so people with actual Obamacare policies, as well as the remaining 12 million that are now on Medicaid.

It makes no difference, at least to the Van Jones Democrats and the other Obama loyalists.

The bi-coastal Democrats truly believe that the reason Hillary Clinton lost was because she weren’t far enough to the left and they are out to create a safe space for themselves while they remedy that problem.

It’s poetic that the party that once prided itself on its lockstep organizing ability should now find itself at odds with the very people who crossed party lines and voted for the incoming President.

It would almost be comical, if the consequences weren’t so important.

As  has been reasonably apparent all along, the next four years will simply be an extension of the 2016 election campaign.

One cross-voting moderate Democrat put it this way.

“Republicans and the new President are in the same place as we are nationally with ISIS. They will have to be right every single time, and the far-left only needs to be right once.”

Amen, brother.

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