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The color of hate.

January 5, 2017

Sometimes it isn’t wise to set pen to paper, or in this age, thumbs to phones immediately after something bad happens.

Still, some things are simply so egregious that not speaking out is tantamount to being an accessory after the fact.

And yes, this is about the now-removed Facebook live streaming of the torture of a human being by a pack of animalistic predators.

Not in Syria, or Iraq or Turkey, but  in Chicago, Illinois.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the video itself is the reaction of one of Chicago’s top cops, who characterized the crime as “kids doing dumb things.”

Let’s get something straight. This was a criminal assault, and it’s only by the grace of God that it didn’t turn into murder.

If the races of the principals had been reversed, how long would it have taken the authorities to call it a hate crime?  About 10 seconds. If the roles were reversed, the streets of Chicago would be burning right now.

Let’s clear up one other detail. Hate doesn’t have a color.

There is no rehabilitating this sort of human-shaped detritus, but even a pack of animals needs a motivation.

This went way beyond simple political disagreement. Surely we can disagree with each other without harming people.

Perhaps it is more about our seeming inability to confront and punish bad people and their actions than it is about freedom of speech.

It is obvious that Chicago seems to have largely embraced the law of the jungle instead of the rule of law.

The Chicago mayor is quite proud of the fact that he can and will decide which laws his city will obey and which it will ignore, so maybe this crime is simply a reflection of the city’s culture.

Unfortunately, we seem to be making a lot more Chicagos lately, and that’s unacceptable.

So the next time your favorite actor or music video star or rapper puts out a “public service announcement”  advocating violence ask yourselves this.

What if it was your son or daughter being abused in that video?

Because unless we get this violent element under control PDQ, it could be.

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