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Who’s manning the battle stations?

January 11, 2017

While the Senate holds confirmation hearings for the Trump Cabinet positions, there is speculation that his unofficial cabinet might be even more interesting.

Although the left makes much ado about everything Trump, one of their outrage headlines is that POETUS Trump is gathering too many family members into the White House fold.

It is not exactly a secret that the Trump family comprised the core of his campaign strategy team.  Many credit them with helping to haul the campaign just far enough toward expected norms to bring in critical crossover votes at the end.

At times it seemed that the only points at where the campaign faltered was when the “professional” campaign managers got too involved, KellyAnne Conway being the exception.

Certainly keeping those most responsible for your win close isn’t new. Valerie Jarrett was extremely instrumental to Barack Obama’s winning 2008 campaign, is probably his biggest fan, and she was never far from his side during the past eight years. His good friend Eric Holder became Attorney General, and so on. It’s kind of how Washington works.

John F. Kennedy brought along his brother Robert, and his other brother Edward (Ted) was a fixture in Washington for decades.

Of course the problem this time is that this innermost inner circle contains a lot of Trump family members that will serve as confidantes and even special advisors.

None of those are more heartburn-inspiring for the left than Jared Kushner, currently the sole Trump son-in-law, since daughter Tiffany is not married.

They say you can’t pick your family, but it almost looked at times during the campaign it seemed like that’s exactly what the President-elect did.

Running as an outsider as he did, it is not surprising that the people who “got” him the best were close to him, but it was Mr. Kushner who seemed to be the one who could best translate that into strategy.

Given his silver-spoon upbringing, that seems to have been a complete shock to those who knew him.  It may have even been a shock to Kushner himself.

Like everything else about this unlikely President, there will be tears, award-winning histrionics and attempts to derail Mr. Kushner. There are even a few anti-nepotism laws that might be brought to bear.

Of more importance is how the voters will view all this family time.

Right now, most seem inclined to take the view that he has a right to have people around him that actually like him.

Given the hysterically fervent nature of the left’s opposition, that seems logical.

A day of watching the confirmation hearings certainly portends the beginning of a four-year Marxist-style counter-revolutionary campaign against soon-to-be sworn-in President Trump.

Hopefully, the campaign taught those closest to him enough to backstop him effectively.

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