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Can we find a cure for PBPD?

January 13, 2017

With the confirmation hearings front and center at present, and the left still going ballistic over who is hacking who, there have been ample displays of what one might call “political bi-polar disorder” or PBPD.

It’s easy to spot someone suffering from PBPD by assessing their reaction to stimuli.

Anything obtained by illegal surveillance or hacking  that reflects badly on the right is OK with one of those so afflicted, but if it even slightly advantages the right it is an abomination.

That’s on a par with the liberals who rail against GMO food, but have no problem with GMO babies if the modifications can potentially free the child from a genetic disorder.

Then there are those that become apoplectic over the idea of the government  breaking into a criminal’s phone even with a court order, but see nothing wrong when Facebook openly announces it will employ data captured through its platform to help it sell advertising to non-Facebook users who clearly have not given their permission for the platform to target them.

And of course we have the folks who denounced every criticism of President Obama as being racist, but see no harm at all in laying into President-elect Trump and his family even when they know they are plugging into false data.

Irretrievably damaged patients simply cannot see the similarities between a gender-based wage double standard, and it’s close cousin, the political double standard.

It is likely that some patients will never be able to overcome the disease. At best they will learn to function at a minimal level of competency in the outside world. Like recovering alcoholics, they are never more than one ill-advised rant away from total relapse.

It’s unlikely that any election is going to please everyone.  Never has, never will. And that’s fine.  It’s what keeps us from coming under permanent monolithic rule.

What seems to have changed this time is the violent nature of the reaction.

Make no mistake, there were plenty of people on the right that were at least as disappointed when President Obama won in 2008 as there are now people on the left who are displeased.

And yes, there were then as now fringe groups that went off the rails.  But they didn’t go on national TV and threaten a national “day of disruption” or to go out and shoot black police officers or burn police cars over it.

Something really troubling has happened over the last eight years.

Somehow,  a huge part of our citizenry has reverted to a time and place we should never want to be at again.

We’d best find a treatment program that works to treat this national disorder, before it becomes any more epidemic than it has already. There may not ever be a cure for it, but we can at least treat the symptoms.

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