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Main Street’s Normandy.

January 20, 2017

As President Trump took the oath of office, one grizzled old Marine (ret.) hoisted two fingers of Jack in a glass etched with the slogan “God Bless the USA”  to the image on the television and said,

“I think this is how General Eisenhower must have felt after the Normandy invasion had established a beachhead.”

It’s an apropos sentiment for an electorate that felt it was under attack from both the left and the right.

These people who elected Donald Trump are the Americans who recognized the nation- destroying goals of the left, yet knew they couldn’t expect to be protected by a blindly ideological right that was more interested in nation-building in Syria than protecting the country that pays their wages.

There’s no way of knowing if the Trump presidency will result in a victory, but at least Main Street America is back in the fight.

No one believes they’ve won a war;  this is not exactly V-E day.

That was fairly obvious as the MSM aired pictures of protests produced by a group whose supporters would have felt right at home in Trotsky’s  Russia, and television pundits interviewed hard right ideologues who struggled just to say something civil about the incoming Chief Executive.

Still, for many ordinary Americans of every color and every belief, this feels like the beginning of the end of their domination by a system that made them pawns in a political chess match.

Main Street looked for a champion, and found him the unlikeliest of places, a penthouse in New York City.

Slowly at first, and then in an avalanche of hope they swept him to victory.

And they did it the way it should be done. Not by force of arms, but at the ballot box, where the first American founders intended that such wars be waged.

That’s quite a contrast to the 69 ideological dinosaurs who sat out this inauguration.

The nation will do this all over again in four years, but somehow today, it doesn’t feel like just another slickly produced but fairly ordinary political spectacle.

Whether President Trump ends up a footnote in history or a transformative figure for the ages is up to him now.

A large swath of America has given him his chance, and they did it against very long odds.

They can only hope he will treat his soldiers with the same sense of duty and obligation that General and later President Eisenhower felt toward his troops.

It was clear from his Inaugural Address that he understands his mandate.

Congratulations, Mr. President. As long as you have our back, we’ll have yours.

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