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Business, anyone?

January 23, 2017

Well, today is the first Monday of work for the new administration, or at least as much of it as has been confirmed.

After a weekend filled with tweets, teats and twits, one can only hope there will be some real substance for the media (on both sides) to report on this week.

Given the meetings and signings such as the withdrawal from TPP that are scheduled, one would think the press can find something that is at least true to report on in the future, but who knows?

No one is holding their breath expecting peace to break out on the media front, but it would be nice if someone can find some adults in the green rooms and editorial meetings of the world.

Too much ink, hot air and untold numbers of pixels have been wasted on far too much nonsense since the election.

A great place for Washington to start would be with confirming all the President’s Cabinet choices this week, assuming of course that they have all the legally required paperwork in order.  And by the way, that doesn’t include 30 years of tax returns for every nominee.

It would also be unfair not to point out that the people that elected President Trump, including the millions who voted for him only because they could not stomach the Democratic candidate, are ready to start getting some return on their investment.

Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to do business if you don’t have your staff in attendance. That may explain why time was available to get sidetracked by the media wars.

Oh sure, it’s fun to see which side will come up with the next outrageous sound bite or image.

I mean, who wouldn’t be captivated by watching a wealthy celebrity on an endless loop repeating “…blowing up the White House…” and throwing out the F-bomb.

Or the signs that say “love, not hate” being held by people chanting “dump Trump” or “impeach him” and other far more vulgar slogans, or see the image of a very young woman with “I hate Trump” hand-lettered across her chest.  At least she was up front about why she was marching.

After all, that’s why the Roman citizens went to the free spectacles at the Coliseum and watched men being eaten by lions.  We humans do love our blood sports, and politics is definitely a  blood sport.

But all that doesn’t do much to return government to the people.

That’s not meant to make light of the conduct of the liberal left, whether it’s the media, politicians or just people.

For instance, the inaugural speech.  What exactly is so divisive about saying he will be the President of all the people, or noting that we all bleed red, no matter our skin color? Why is it “dark” to note that crime is out of control in so many of the poorest areas of the country or observe that the much-hated 1% includes an awful lot of the political class? And for heaven’s sake, why is wanting to work for America first  “Hitlerian” or as Bill Kristol tweeted,  “…vulgar and depressing?”

Perhaps it’s just that they have heard so many pretty fairy tales couched as speeches, the truth is too jarring for them to handle.

Suffice it to say, the weekend news cycle was certainly not about unity, in fact it was far from it.

If there was anything good about the weekend, it’s that apparently only one person was shot during the demonstrations, and at least the women in Washington didn’t break any windows or torch any cars.

It also isn’t meant to suggest that the President and his supporters should just ignore all the claptrap and outright lies being repeated and even made up by the MSM. As petty as the argument over crowd size seems, it did provide an opportunity for the administration to say “hey, either play fair and square or we won’t play at all.”

Perhaps President Trump could appoint a “garbage news refuter” and let them handle that part through the official  WH Twitter account. .

But getting on with the real job at hand would be refreshing news too. How about building a fire under Congress on Twitter to get something wrapped up on the Cabinet nominees? That would be a great thing to tweet about.

Or publicize spending some time behind closed doors working on getting everyone on the same page regarding the Senate and House versions of replacements for Obamacare?

The biggest question most people had, especially those that came late to the party and boosted him over the top, was whether once elected he would function like the great CEO he is, and not like a front man for a burlesque show.

Today he gets a chance to do that. The surest way to shut his detractors up is to get things done.

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