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Will Congress keep up?

January 24, 2017

President Trump is doing what he promised, signing executive orders to address those things that can be handled in that manner.

Some of the things, even those that pertain to the dozen or so items he has already addressed need Congressional and/or departmental action.

For instance, putting Keystone XL back in the pipeline requires both, since it involves several departments, including State, Commerce and Interior.

Given Senator Schumer’s vow to obstruct the President at every turn, including holding up some of his Cabinet picks “…for weeks, even months,” that’s likely to slow the momentum a bit.

Perhaps the Democrats are hoping to bait President Trump into going around Congress the way his predecessor did, thereby allowing the next Democrat in office to overturn those orders.

That might be a possibility, but the more likely course of action for this President is that he will attack the people holding him up much more directly.

Playing chicken with this President isn’t going to work out quite like it has in the past.

First, he might say he’s looking at eight years, not four, but frankly he doesn’t let something that might happen later get in the way of the here and now.

Second, given the losses the Democratic party has sustained and the number of them that are up for re-election in two years, being seen as obdurate and petty right out of the gate might not be the best strategy.

Nothing Schumer, Pelosi and company  are doing changes the perception that they are navel-gazing parasites with no one’s interest at heart but their own.

Congressional stall ball is exactly what ticked off the voting public over the past eight and more years, and it’s unlikely that the country will put up with it for very long this time around.

For instance, the fact that Congress will essentially be in recess for what appears to be more navel-gazing until the end of the month at the very beginning of the new President’s term is already drawing unflattering comments, without much regard as to which party is at fault.

It’s still very, very early, but the mood of the nation is still not very forgiving toward the swamp dwellers.

It might behoove them to take note.

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