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POTUS gets an “A” for follow-through.

January 26, 2017

For some reason, the left and those media outlets that lean left are having a VERY hard time understanding the concept of a politician who keeps his word, especially if that person is the President of the United States.

Even if you don’t agree with President Trump’s policies or the ways in which he is implementing them, at least give him credit for doing exactly what he said, in plain-spoken English, that he would do if elected.

That sense of personal integrity seemed to be the hardest thing for people to take in when President Trump was simply another candidate.

In part, that was a due to a perception that he was just another Hollywood fabrication, a knock that also followed President Reagan as he made his way from the entertainment world to the nation’s highest office.

In some ways, given that much of his early exposure to the masses on the national and world stage as a young man was through the tabloids, and later on the small screen, perhaps that’s not so hard to understand.

The difference today is that 60-plus million Americans understood, some of them almost instantly, that as we grow up we evolve and they judged candidate Trump by that standard.

That may explain why he received a great deal of support from what one sneering 20-something liberal called the geriatric generation.

There’s nothing like a few decades of actual living to open your eyes to the real world. At some point most of us learn that the tooth fairy isn’t real.

It’s at that point that we start appreciating results more than promises.

Those pundits and that portion of the Twitter-verse that called the inauguration speech “dark and scary” may be stuck in a stage of arrested development.

Guess what?  Some of the world is a dark and scary place. Just ask the kids of the mother shot to death while enrolling her children in school, or the parents of the five-year old who died in the crossfire of a gang dispute. It’s likely there aren’t many rainbows and unicorns in their world.

The difference between today’s left and the rest of us is that thinking people know that you can install street lights. We don’t accept darkness as the normal condition.

Seven days is hardly enough time to judge the effectiveness of any President.

But it’s certainly enough time to tick off the promises kept. So far, President Trump is doing pretty well on that scorecard.

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