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The face of anarchy.

February 3, 2017

Even casual  TV watchers of the civil unrest in places as widely separated geographically and culturally as Berkeley, CA and Ferguson, MO have noticed that the arrival of what appear to be organized professional agitators seems to trigger the worst of the violence and destruction at rallies and protests.

They seem to be most commonly identified as members of something called the Black Bloc, so named for the color of their clothing, not their skin.

Almost without fail, these agitators move in with obviously practiced precision, rapidly escalating comparatively peaceful protests to property destruction and even physical attacks.

During the Berkeley protest this week, onlookers reported that the protests against Milo Yiannopoulos seemed to be relatively violence-free until the arrival of this group.

For some reason, they seem to be immune from action by the authorities, whether because they get in and get out too fast for the authorities to react, or because they are so obviously willing to resort to violence.

Since the one exercise Americans all seem to embrace and practice regularly is jumping to conclusions, and no doubt due to their garb, many people today equate them with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Actually the group pre-dates BLM by decades.

A little basic research turns up the information that they seem to have been active at least since the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, and only borrow whatever movement is happening at the time as an excuse to interfere and wreak havoc.

So who are they?

A story posted by and bylined by Sean Rossman  on Feb. 2 reports they are an amalgamation of several violent left-wing anarchist groups loosely bound not so much by group identity as “…by their paramilitary tactics and hatred of police authority and what they call the New World Order.”

Political observers and historians note that their tactics are reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts.

That’s probably because such history as is available links their origin to Germany, although well after WWII. Articles such as the one noted above and a similar one by Derek Hawkins of the Washington Post all cite the same source, a website called A-Infos.

For some reason, even though protest organizers give lip service to condemning their tactics, for the most part they applaud the results, which in the incident at Berkeley was the cancellation of the Yiannopoulos event.

It is either disingenuous or dishonest for the press to keep portraying them as students or simply concerned citizens.

That begets another question. Who is paying the bills for these thugs? Perhaps some intrepid investigative reporter will follow up on that back story.

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