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Unintended consequences – for the left

February 7, 2017

With Education Secretary DeVos confirmed by Vice-President Pence’s single tie-breaking vote, the Trump  Cabinet claws its way one person closer to completion.

Putting aside all the usual and expected propaganda nattering from Democratic party operatives, what did the fevered opposition to her appointment actually accomplish?

In fact, what has any of this left-wing paranoia accomplished to date?

Well, for one thing it seems to have moved a lot of people farther right.

Comments like this one from a 20-something self-described political dropout seem to capture the essence of the effect on that amorphous group known as the undecideds.

“I have never cared about politics. As long as I get by OK, I’m pretty much happy. I’ve got a job, and I can pay the rent so what’s not to like? I didn’t vote, in fact I never have voted. I guess I kind of thought of myself as a Democrat. Hell, I like free stuff as much as anybody.

But this crap about all the illegal aliens coming in without checking to see who they are, and you can’t get a job like at a bank or doctor’s office anymore if you don’t speak Spanish, and the crazy stuff they say about people that like Trump…well, that’s just plain scary. My mother voted for President Trump and she’s damn sure none of those things they say. So maybe I need to re-think this thing and pay a lot more attention. In fact that was my New Year’s resolution.”

It is beyond any rational person’s understanding that the Democratic Party can’t understand why they lost the election.

Either they feel that the country is filled with so many closet socialists for their political army that they need to double down in pleasing that group, or they have simply lost their minds.

So far, there aren’t thousands of people marching in the streets to take on the left-wing protestors, and that’s probably a good thing, given human nature.

The protests and the flaming left-wing rhetoric is having an effect, nonetheless.

It just may not be the effect the left is hoping it will have.

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