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OMG, this is not news.

February 9, 2017

OK, stop. Just stop. Has the entire country descended into its second childhood?

This obsession with attacking an American President and his administration over anything and everything because someone doesn’t like losing an election has simply become repulsive.

At 90 years old, the oldest broadcast network we have according to chooses to write about a remark about a clothing line being grounds for prosecution?

Maybe attaining  that place of veneration via longevity  accounts for this ridiculous headline “Was Kellyanne Conway’s Ivanka Trump Fashion Line Plug Legal?” and the desire to actually report on an interview where some pipsqueak former ethics adviser to a former President thinks it’s a prosecutable offense.

Must have been a slow news day. Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

Iran fires another missile, and Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is what the news media thinks we should worry about?

We  get it. When all else fails let’s try econo-terrorism, i.e. boycotting a clothing line or a store or an industry. Or even better, let’s body shame an entertainer because she didn’t get far enough left during halftime.

Now there’s a mature, well-thought out strategy that protects the country, don’t you think?

It isn’t just the afore-referenced news media outlet either. It’s nearly half the country.

Oh well, maybe it will have a positive effect in the long run.

Maybe no one will want to come here, and the immigration problem will solve itself.

To be fair, President Trump gives the left a KC-130-sized load of ammunition on a daily basis..

Dads should defend their daughters. That’s probably rule number one for a parent, so OK, it is wrong for the left to try to get at President Trump through his family, even though his family chose to support Dad publicly and enthusiastically.

Fact. When you run for public office today, your family is absolutely going to be in the line of fire and in a world that couldn’t find manners in a dictionary, it goes with the territory.

All this infantile nitpicking is no longer entertaining, it’s distracting to the mission at hand, and after all, it takes two to tango.

To the world at large…Donald J. Trump is the President. Live with it.

To the White House…respectfully sir, you were elected commander-in-chief, not Dad of the Year.

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