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The left – Still on a loop.

February 13, 2017

According to one source, Senator Elizabeth Warren has sent Labor Department nominee Andrew Puzder an 83-question letter  quizzing him about the labor practices of CKE Restaurants, Inc. dba Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

That should make good campaign material in four years.

Meantime you have whole states vowing to opt out of obeying Federal law, and pundits and other would-be candidates penning hysterical rhetoric about the “massive” immigration raids.

Where were those folks when President Obama was deporting criminal aliens to the tune of  over 2.5 million people over the term of his presidency, a figure which has been reported as the most by any President in history?

They were setting up sanctuary cities, that’s where they were.

For some reason, Democrats have become the party of “let’s disobey any law we don’t like” rather than working to change the law.

Maybe that’s because they know the changes would never be upheld by the courts, even if they could pass them.

You have to wonder how they would react if the right decided that they would just stop sending money to the Federal government to be wasted.

Can you imagine the outcry if 300-plus cities in some 28 states set up Federal tax-free zones?

Or what they would do if whole states simply opted to keep their tax money at home instead of being content with receiving a small percentage back in the form of social justice grants and rebates that are awarded according to race or gender?

California, which has a long history of secessionist sentiment, is probably the state furthest along the path of leaving the Union.

It also has a bit of a problem with one of those dams they keep wanting to tear down. Now that Mother Nature wants to do it for them, the tune has changed.

If anyone thinks for a minute that Sacramento won’t be requesting Federal disaster aid to clean up after nature’s drought relief plan, there’s a nice bridge for sale in New York you might want to buy.

It would be unfair to paint every Democrat with the same broad brush.

There are a few people in that party that do seem to understand why the party lost, including one of the candidates for chairperson.

That’s not to say he is any less left-wing than Senator Sanders, but at least he’s smart enough to plan a way to obscure it.

Perhaps that lone voice crying in the wilderness will be joined by others.

Of course, there is always the chance that President Trump will actually continue to do what he promised while campaigning, and his way will actually bring positive change for middle America.

There’s even a chance that U.S. citizens of Anglo-Saxon heritage might be able to rejoin the demographic mix without being targets for tribal warfare.

And maybe, just maybe, that what’s scaring the pants off the Elizabeth Warrens and Holly-weird elites of the country.

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