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Shadow Dancers.

February 14, 2017

Senator Schumer agonizes over the arrest of “law-abiding illegal immigrants,” apparently not understanding, or just not caring about the oxymoronic nature of the remark.

Democrats crow about General Flynn’s “probable” violation of the Logan Act (which prohibits private citizens from acting on behalf of the U.S. government), but ignore the law that says law enforcement can’t tape record phone conversations of private citizens without a warrant.  They seem to have developed amnesia about Sidney Blumenthal’s Middle East meddlings for the HRC State Department.

Either General Flynn was a private citizen when he made those calls or he wasn’t, but apparently that’s determined according to the usefulness to the meme of the moment.

All of a sudden there seem to be a lot of closet Democrats showing up at town hall meetings in places like Salt Lake City or South Carolina being held by Republicans.

Does anyone else find that …odd?

Actually, it’s a tried and true tactic, as “revelations” about protest organizers holding recruit training camps begin to surface.

In the 1960’s it was a common tactic for people organizing against something to ask for “a ride to the rally” from students.  If you had a big car, like say a 9-passenger Ford station wagon, you could make half a week’s pay or more off of the “gas money”  they offered to hitch a ride.

The faces change and maybe even the tactics. Back in the bad old days, showing up en masse was seen as a good thing because it was billed as Students Against the War, or Students for Equality. The fact that some of those students were 30 years old and always seemed to start violence upon their arrival was kind of overlooked.

These “spontaneous outbursts” are about as spontaneous as a five-year business plan.

Back then, even dumb-ass high school idealists figured out PDQ that they were being played.

It’s high time the right wised up. Democrats are not going to shut up, or give up.

What they will do is stand up.

This is not the Tea Party of the left and it is not organic. This is a highly organized, single-minded opposition battle plan.

One protest sign at Berkeley said it all.

This is a war of ideologies, and it would behoove the right to see and treat it as such.

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