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Ya gotta love it.

February 17, 2017

Of course that refers to President Trump’s press conference yesterday.

If you heard it, you have your own take on it. If you didn’t, find a replay.  It’s worth listening through the whole 80 minutes or so, especially some of his answers to the media’s attempts to ask “gotcha” questions.

This could have been sub-titled “If you want a piece of me, here’s your chance.”

It’s such a cliché, but it’s true…this was vintage Trump, and it worked, just as it always has, in an odd sort of way.

There is one quality that endears leaders in every arena to their supporters or troops or whatever you want to call them.

That one thing is that you know, deep down where you really live, that the boss won’t ask you to do anything he (or she) wouldn’t do themselves.

The President could have sent Sean Spicer out to deal with all the speculation and misinformation being spun by the media. The press secretary probably is very, very well paid to do just that.

Instead who shows up?  The boss, of course.

Sure, some of it was pure theatrics, but given the amateur histrionics of the MSM over the past three weeks, maybe that’s just fighting fire with fire.

There was also a lot of news in there, if you cared to listen.

For instance, there was a clear directive to Congress in there. By publicly reiterating what his expectations were on the timeline to repeal and replace Obamacare and come up with a tax plan, the President was applying the spurs, even as he gave a nod to the need for a defensible and logical process.

But enough of what I saw and heard.

One of the questions being posed today is how the event (and it was an event) went over with the so-called nose holders, or the ABC (Anybody But Clinton) people who voted for the President.

The best way to ascertain that is to ask, so I did.  Some 40 people that barely managed to force their hand to check his box in November responded.

Overall, the ranks of the skeptical are diminishing.

One of the biggest question marks was whether President Trump would do his best to keep the promises made by candidate Trump.

Suffice it to say, that’s no longer in doubt. Just ask Mike the coal miner.

Another question mark was whether he really understood the size of the swamp he was proposing to drain.

It’s fairly obvious that he may have been a little bit naïve on that score, but he’s proving to be a quick learner. Whether that results in bigger drainage ditches remains to be seen.

The observation constantly reiterated by those ABC voters is that it’s only been 27 days.

Some still question whether he can keep up the pace he has set for four full years, or even whether he should.

That’s still up in the air, but the president seems to thrive on hand-to-hand combat.

And yes, some are not comfortable with that as a permanent strategy, feeling that it will just keep the country divided forever.

Others note that he is a counter puncher, meaning that when his enemies either back off or admit defeat, he will probably mellow out considerably. That kind of keeps the ball in the opposition’s court.

Here’s the real kicker.

Out of those 40 ABC voters 29 now say that voting for him was the right choice.

Ya gotta love it.

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