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President Trump’s week in review.

February 20, 2017

It’s Monday again, and time to decide if you had a good weekend.

If you are a Trump supporter, the answer on balance is probably yes, but only based on a good finish, namely the Florida rally.

The President proved he can still draw an enthusiastic crowd, and he did it on his own dime.

That of course was the point of the whole thing.

It would be hard for even the most ardent Trump fan, even if their fence hurdling skills are the best, to deny that last week was a tough one for the President.

Too many unforced errors and too many bad calls can defeat even a championship team.

That makes his efforts to counteract the effect of what is by all accounts the most concerted effort to dethrone a sitting President since the Nixon days perfectly understandable.

For one thing, it appears that the opposition, whether they are in journalism or not, still doesn’t understand the difference between a cookie cutter politician and a hard-headed businessman, even if he is often overly flamboyant.

Donald Trump was not elected to be either a patrician Jefferson or a smooth talking law professor.

He was elected in part to shake up the establishment, and oh boy, he is good at that.

Just as former President Obama could almost hypnotize an audience with professionally polished, perfectly delivered left-wing platitudes, President Donald Trump can inspire the silent majority to speak up with the skill of a general psyching his troops up to forget their fear and charge enemy lines.

It doesn’t hurt that so much of what he says can be verified with one’s own eyes and ears.

Case in point; the”Swedish event.” The President is right when he says he was referring to something he saw on Fox, but he didn’t give it enough context for someone who doesn’t watch Fox to know what he was referencing.  A guest on a Fox show did say that Sweden was in cultural and legal chaos because of the open door immigration policy of that nation.

That isn’t exactly how it was spun by the MSM.  Their take was that the President was having hallucinations.

Unless you are blind and deaf and receiving your sensory nourishment through a port into your brain, his complaints about the MSM are often verified by that same self-styled group of clickbait chasers and headline hunters he rails against.

Another case in point. In all the news coverage so far little mention was made of the non-white support for the President, even though the “Blacks for Trump in 2020” and “Latinas for Trump” signs were front and center in every shot of him speaking in Florida.

The thing is, he has to get to 2020 and if he doesn’t, using the media for an excuse will fall flatter than the proverbial pancake.

It’s like some action movies. If you get too mesmerized by the special effects, it’s all too easy to get caught up in all the hype and hysteria and lose sight of the underlying plot.

This remains a tug of war between the left and right, and it shows no signs of either side winning yet.

Those that carp on what legislation he has gotten passed in not his first 100 days but his first 30, would love for us to forget that he doesn’t even have a full Cabinet in place yet and they hope that no one will notice the reasons for that.

For his part the President knows that he can’t just keep pushing out the delivery date forever.

You can’t complain about back orders holding up the job unless you can prove you’ve  planned ahead well enough to have alternate suppliers in place.

That backup plan seems to be what’s missing so far.

This President will never, ever have the full support of his party. That’s patently obvious by how hard McCain, Graham and Co. are working to delegitimize their own guy.

Which brings up an obvious question.

The President’s hole card is the fervor of the people who elected him, so why doesn’t he quit pussyfooting around and hoping they’ll figure out what to do by osmosis?

The press bias is a great headline, but unless that headline leads to a new narrative, it’s going to wear thin pretty darn quick.

Congress is in recess for the next week. They’ll be home where the Trump army can get to them easily.

So where was the call for them to go home and challenge their senators and representatives to support the issues they elected their guy to fix?

Instead, you have every frame of film covering town hall meetings dominated by demonstrators on the left.  You can cite media bias for that but in fact, it’s also because  they are making the most noise.

Even the most biased media outlet could hardly fail to cover a town hall meeting where the right consistently out-bellows the left.

Yes, that could get ugly, but it’s going to get a lot uglier if the President gets whipsawed out of office or rendered impotent by his own party.

It has been fairly charged that the Democrats lost because they failed to understand the character of the opposition.

It would behoove President Trump’s supporters to learn from that example.

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