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Left alleges discrimination, again.

February 23, 2017

If everything is discrimination, is anything discrimination?

In another example of the skewed reasoning of the liberal left, there is now a collective freak-out over President Trump’s decision to allow local districts and/or states to decide whether to get embroiled in the bathroom dispute.

Granted, the left would like the entire country, if not the world sewn into a strait jacket of their design.

But given the mixed reactions to the Obama-era foray into gender bathroom assignments doesn’t it make some sense to allow local input and control on the issue?

On the other hand, what’s all this fuss about the human body, anyway?

After all, let’s not forget that the first Olympic athletes performed in the nude.

Perhaps the easiest way around this would be to just have large “public relievement” areas, similar in design to the ancient Roman baths or maybe the community dog park.

After all, you don’t see male and female and “other” signs when you take your pooch out, do you?

That way, you could just do your business in an open common area, and everyone would be treated equally, or equally embarrassed as the case might be.

Of course what’s really at stake is that removing the Feds from the equation takes away the anonymity of a faceless authority figure.

Now people will have to face their neighbors at school board elections and potluck dinners and defend their positions on a lot more personal level.

In fact that might not be a bad idea in a lot of cases.

For instance, if you are against school choice, then why don’t liberals move into poor neighborhoods and use the same schools, walk the same streets and live in the same housing that their new neighbors do?

Or maybe they could require every other housing unit on their block in say, Kennebunkport or Hollywood or Manhattan to be inhabited by the folks living in poverty elsewhere in their city.

Surely they would be happy to move out of their digs and make way for the underprivileged.

After all, doesn’t charity begin at home?

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