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The Trump owner’s manual.

February 24, 2017

It’s easy to be a lazy journalist in the current political environment. Following the President’s CPAC speech, conservatives are going to tout him for “holding the media’s feet to the fire.”  Liberals are going to call him unhinged and make much of his “ranting and raving” and his “assault on the free press.”

Congress is going to make excuses and say they need him to “provide more direction.”

Maybe what we need is an owner’s manual for Model No. 45, since it’s a radical design change from past models.

First, don’t expect him to hold your hand.  The government under this President should carry a “some assembly required” warning.

Congress is not going to get a 100-point checklist to follow for anything and everything he wants to accomplish.

That may be how politics works, but it isn’t how business works.

Take developers for example. The CEO tells you where he wants to wind up, and expects you to provide him with a plan to get there on time and on budget and then execute that plan.

The sales department then sells someone a lot, and they tell you they expect to have a finished Colonial two-story house and yard by a given date, for a given price.

What you as the department manager for construction are going to get is that completion date and that selling price.

It’s up to you to set up the construction schedule, and delegate the tasks necessary to the appropriate personnel.

As you go down the food chain, or the organizational chart if you will, each employee’s duties get more specific and their goals more defined.

The engineering department constructs the blueprints. The materials manager builds a bill of materials and assigns the “required by” dates and gives the list to the materials procurement manager, who assigns the list to purchasing, who issues a purchase order which goes to the receiving department, which assigns it to a person who physically checks in each shipment and notes any shortages and gives the shortage list to an expeditor, who calls the vendor, and so on.

See how that works?

The CEO is not going to personally chase down every missing 2 x 4 or cabinet handle. You are expected to know what your job is, and be responsible for getting it done.

For some reason, Congress seems to expect President Trump to hand them a finished house.

It ain’t gonna happen.

He already gave you the finished product he wants. He wants  health insurance that is financially solvent and provides usable coverage for the maximum number of people at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost.

His department managers, i.e. his Cabinet will be tasked with selling the lots, designing the building, ordering the materials  and so forth.

That makes the delays in confirming his Cabinet choices not his fault, but a breakdown in the operations and supply chain.

Since there is no way to revamp taxes without first having a CBO scored health insurance product first your completion date is sometime prior to when the current budget runs out.

That’s about all you are going to get in the way of specifics and that’s the way it should be.

You see, in business, you have the ultimate incentive plan.

Namely, if you do your job right today, you will have a job to report to tomorrow.

It’s not that hard a plan to follow.





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