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The leaky White House – should you care?

February 27, 2017

Washington has always had leaks, but the Trump White House is apparently about as leak-proof as a kitchen colander.

For some reason, this is being at least partially excused by the press as promoting “transparency.” It has become an accepted culture of dishonesty.

It makes great copy. It’s “House of Cards”, “Madam Secretary” and “The West Wing” all rolled in together. It’s entertainment.

It’s also dangerous.

By ignoring or even promoting a culture of disloyalty to both the President, any President, and by extension the country, it’s conditioning the country to accept disloyalty as the new normal.

That way, when something truly important is leaked, like say a battle plan or a list of covert overseas operatives, or a sting set up to capture a terrorist cell, no one will really care, assuming they even notice.

Maybe this culture of accepting betrayal as being the end that justifies the means all started with the praise for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden from both sides of the aisle as “patriots.”

However you feel about the government, Edward Snowden infiltrated a government agency and stole confidential information.  That theft reportedly compromised real people and real operations designed to keep us safe.

In times not that far in the past, that was called treason.

Right now, because the left is both afraid and contemptuous of President Trump the leaks are being brushed off as merely an annoyance.

They are more than that. They are the penultimate assault on a free press and a free country.

The public already believes that nothing the media or the government says or does should be given any credence.

That’s the best weapon against democracy.

Government is not a Hollywood script and these leakers are not heroes.

Sooner or later, one of them is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Never mind that antiquated and arcane sense of morality that demands that if you take a man’s money in payment for your services, you owe him loyalty.

Or that if you work for the government you are in fact working for your country.

What goes around comes around, and there will be another Democrat in the White House.

OK, let’s say you can’t stand the President. That’s your right. So quit. Give up your cushy government job, and your guaranteed pension, and vote with your feet.

No one is being fooled by the motives of the producers and directors behind this cascade of leaks.

Just remember…what goes around, comes around.

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