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I want to hear…

February 28, 2017

Ask any ten people what they want to hear from the President’s first joint address to Congress, and you will probably hear ten different ideas.

With that in mind Musings did just that. Here, in no particular order, is how that shook out.

  1. Ben. 31, who says he is a “waiting to be convinced” Trump supporter.

“First, I just want to be able to hear the speech.  If all I hear is a lot of people disrespecting him, I’ll turn it off and read a transcript later. But after that, I want to know that fixing Obamacare isn’t going to screw up my employer-based insurance again.”

  1. Louis, 21, a student.

“I get that free college isn’t possible, but I hope he can do something about student debt. I had to borrow for my last two years, and now  I’m scared to death I won’t be able to pay it off on time.”

  1. Randi, 27, a self-described “Hillary forever” voter.

“I just want to hear him say he’s stepping down. Everything else is just noise.”

  1. Paul, 47, a welder by trade and a sculptor by avocation.

“I want to hear about the wall.  When will the contracts be awarded and is there an actual design yet?”

  1. Magdalena, 23, single mother of two children

“I want to hear about Medicaid.  Without it, I couldn’t even afford to get my kids their shots.”

  1. Tom, 59, an insurance salesman.

“I want to know what’s in the future pipeline for Social Security and I want to hear about taxes.”

  1. Susie, a crossover Democrat who voted for the President.

“I want to hear about what programs he’s cutting.  I hope it isn’t stuff like school lunches and early childhood education”

  1. Anthony, 28, part-time Uber driver, did not vote but dislikes Trump.

“I want to hear real specifics on Obamacare, like exactly when he wants to end it and what comes next. Also taxes, because I have to pay both the employer and employee share of the taxes.”

  1. Mark, mid thirties, small business owner, supported Bernie Sanders.

” I don’t really know. I didn’t vote for him but he’s the guy at the top now.  I guess I just want to feel like he is in charge, and that he seems to think he can work with Congress to get things done.”

  1. Jason, 39, department manager at a grocery chain store.

“Boy, that’s tough.  It’s more like what I don’t want to hear. I understand it’s all about politics, but I think he needs to lose all the crap about the dishonest media. I’m not stupid, and I can tell when the media is just attacking him to get headlines, and besides he’s got people that can attack the media for him.  I guess what I really want to hear is a coherent plan going forward, one that I can see will let him really do the things he’s promising.”

So there you have a sampling of what concerns real people. It isn’t about esoteric political theories on Obamacare or the wall. It’s usually about how those things will affect them directly.

One theme that did seem to run through the comments was concern that the President isn’t going to have enough support from Congress to accomplish his goals.

People are picking up on the national tension, and they feel that it is the elephant in the room.

The media and the political operatives notwithstanding, most people seem to have accepted the election results.

Now they would just like to see the country move forward.

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