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Dems – the disloyal opposition?

March 3, 2017

Sore losers…or government in exile?  What’s behind the left wing of the Democratic Party’s concerted campaign against President Trump?

It is now almost four months since the election, and still we have  Democrats actively working to discredit, if not actually overthrow the results and by inference, the government.

Bitter political rivalries are one thing. One of the hallmarks of our supposedly free society is the right to have an opposing point of view. In fact, it is a Constitutional right.

Still, this is starting to feel like it has gone light years beyond simple ideological differences.

People are starting to take note that this is beginning to look a lot more like a campaign by a shadow government than simple sour grapes.

During the rollout of the effort to discredit Attorney General Sessions, even liberal outlets such as the New York Times were reporting that there may have been an organized attempt by the outgoing Obama administration to actively undermine the incoming administration.

They supposedly did that by leaving a trail of political bread crumbs for their remaining supporters to follow after they were gone.

One has to be very careful with conspiracy theories. Just disagreeing philosophically with someone’s point of view is neither illegal nor immoral.

Still, the repeated attacks from the left, most of which eventually turn out to be based merely on innuendo or misconstrued and misrepresented events, seem curiously coordinated to say the least.

Take the Sessions furor as an example.

Once again you have the narrative of “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” as a thematic pivot point.

Now that there is more reporting on the issue, it is clear that both Democrats and Republicans on the Hill met with Russian diplomats during the campaign season.

Normally that would not be newsworthy for either side,  because that’s part of their job description.

Taken in conjunction with events since the election, and the charges against AG Sessions start to look less benign.

That’s leading perfectly ordinary people to wonder what exactly the Democrats are so afraid of, interference by a foreign government, or scrutiny by the new administration?

It may be that by continuously crying wolf the Democrats will defeat themselves.  They have proven to be extraordinarily good at that in the last two years.

On the other hand, even a lie leaves a scar, and enough scar tissue could result in restricting the new administration’s freedom to govern altogether.

By attempting to peel off Trump loyalists like Jeff Sessions and General Flynn one by one and  intimidate others who might wish to join the administration, Democrats may just be able to hamstring President Trump enough to leave him unable to move his agenda forward.

That has been a strategy throughout the Obama years.  Disagree with them, and you were immediately branded a racist or a homophobe or a misogynist or some other reprehensible label.

That’s the classic “look over there” tactic, also known as strategic misdirection.

Did the Russians want to meddle in American politics?

Why not?  Everyone else does it, so why not the Russians? The U.S. under President Obama spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence an Israeli election against Benjamin Netanyahu, a story actually reported as being confirmed by the findings of a Senate sub-committee in 2016.

Why then would they balk at doing the same and more to discredit the Republican winner of the election?

Have any of the claims by Democrats that the Russians have installed a puppet government by getting President Trump elected been proven true?

In a word, no. That’s pure theater, but why?

People are beginning to ask that question more openly.

In attempting to control the narrative for their own purposes, Democrats may find themselves becoming the story instead.

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