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Can repealing Obamacare save your brain?

March 20, 2017

That’s assuming you have a functioning one of those of course. Scientists say you actually may not have enough of one left to use in a few more millennia, or even centuries.

Evolutionary scientists maintain our brains are physically getting smaller, which would explain a lot of things.

Some say it is a function of natural selection; smaller brains mean smaller heads, which makes it easier for the females of our species to give birth to young.

Others say that it is simply because basic survival has become so easy for most of us in relation to our prehistoric ancestors that we just don’t need as big a brain.

Others point the finger at our incorporation of plant-based proteins and starchy filler foods into our prehistoric largely all-meat diet.

Whatever the cause, there is no scientific argument that disproves the shrinking brain theory, and the effects are plainly visible in our everyday lives.

Maybe that’s why some profit-driven companies and egghead researchers have decided we need self-driving cars.

After all, if we aren’t smart enough to put down our phones when we get behind the wheel, then of course we need to take some rudimentary steps into the world of practical applications of artificial intelligence.

Not to mention that in order to keep shoveling more and more expensive consumer  technology into the marketplace, the tech world has to find a way to keep it from killing us once we get into the driver’s seat.

And the shrinking brain theory would surely explain why we turn into mindless consumers of the political fodder that is now passing for intelligent discourse.

The effect of downsizing the human brain is nowhere more obvious than it has been since the election.

When was the last time you heard some overpaid TV host excitedly hyping some election aftermath  “breaking news” or viewed some politically slanted weekly TV drama and asked yourself “is any of this true?”

Probably not often, and the number of people who actually think independently is apparently at an all-time low.

So it is with the coverage of all things Trump.

The man is neither the devil incarnate nor the next messianic figure. He is however a massive threat to the status quo.

That would explain why both the far left and the far right find it so necessary to oppose him.

The biggest shock to the body politic of the entire 2015-16 campaign season was finding out that at least 62 million people can still think for themselves enough to recognize that something about our political system has ceased to function. Or maybe it was their sense of smell…they do say that when we lose one sense the others become sharper.

That has precipitated a desperate attempt to eliminate the thinking voter before they can dismantle the carefully crafted power structure that has developed over the past century or so.

Take the health insurance debacle.

All you should have to know about the failure of Obamacare is that it was never meant to be anything more than a launch pad for single-payer healthcare.

Of course it is failing to provide the consumer benefits ascribed to it, but it is doing everything else it was designed to do, up to and including essentially destroying the for-profit insurance industry.

Unfortunately for the left-wing proponents of total government control of health insurance, Hillary Clinton failed to cross the finish line in front.  Now there is no assurance that government-run healthcare monopolies will be able to cash in on the windfall of a captive market.

By the same token, there is a small but vocal cadre of hardline right-wingers that would rather see no one have health insurance than provide some sort of logical off-ramp for the failing ACA.

Another indication of the shrinking brain is the fevered reaction to the President’s interim 2017 budget outline.

Really folks, we can’t live without Big Bird and sugar taxes?

The scientific theory is that we have smaller brains because we don’t use them as much anymore.

Save your brain. Use it the next time someone feeds you pre-packaged propaganda.

After all, don’t most things get stronger and bigger with exercise?

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