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Off with his head!

March 23, 2017

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has committed a mortal sin.

For you non-Catholics, that’s sin from which you cannot receive absolution from your priest by saying three Hail Marys and a couple of Our Fathers. These are the sins that God alone can absolve you of, probably only when you reach the Pearly Gates. Sins like heresy, for instance.

Chairman Nunes dared  to introduce doubt into the popular meme that President Trump simply made up claims that his campaign staff was under surveillance.

And of course he has now reportedly been called before the tribunal to pay for his crime,  at least as it is being reported by CNN.

Nunes’ on-air pronouncements were heavily qualified by phrases like “may have” or “there is some indication that” Trump staffers’ names came up in the course of incidental, even routine surveillance of foreign leaders and operatives.

His main point was that according to the “rules” governing such things the American names should have been redacted from any reports, but they weren’t. In fact they seem to have been highlighted if they had even the remotest connection to persons in Trump’s campaign and/or transition team, of which Nunes was a member.

Assuming that information is true, that’s probably a by-product of the Obama decision to allow raw intelligence data to be shared among 17 agencies.

While Chairman Nunes’ political radar seems to have been turned off, there is something hinky about reports that Democrats in the Intel Committee had to “force” him to confess his sin to them.

In the TV film noir drama atmosphere that is Washington D.C. you never know exactly which actor has the lead in any given scene.

Suffice it to say, the director and the producers aren’t happy about this walk-on bit player trying to grab the lead role in this episode.

If you click on the link to the CNN story above, you’ll see quotes like this one, among others:

“Pelosi said Nunes was either duped or a ‘willing stooge’ who’s committed a stunt.”

‘Nuff said.

The bad part of all this is that if there is a whistleblower talking to Nunes, that person will go back underground faster than a trapdoor spider after it snatches its prey.

Any further information in the vein of full disclosure will never, ever be shared with Nunes again.

Veteran reporters can sympathize. Some have been jailed and some have even eventually been broken to get them to reveal their sources.

It’s dangerous to take even stories that might provide some light under the Washington rock pile at face value.

There’s no denying that Chairman Nunes has close ties to President Trump.

Still, you have to wonder…why would he risk his entire career by going to the press with a complete fabrication in this hyper-partisan atmosphere?

Perhaps his source, if there is one, will take a page from President Trump and share it on Twitter or at least with some member of the media who has the cover of the Constitution to protect said source.

Or perhaps Nunes himself, recognizing that his career is already pretty much toast for the present, will simply throw all caution to the winds, go all in and decide to show his cards to the world.

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