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Dems running scared?

March 28, 2017

Predictably, Democrats are now calling for Devin Nunes (R-CA)  to be politically guillotined, i.e. removed from his position as chair of the Permanent Select House Intelligence Committee.

What the heck is scaring them so badly?

Chairman Nunes has heretofore been lauded as a bulldog when he or his committee decides to investigate someone or something.

That’s what makes the flap over his actions regarding what appears on the surface to be some sort of insider information pertaining to the leaks surrounding the Trump administration so interesting.

For those who don’t follow such things closely, Represenatative Nunes got some sort of message and immediately hied himself off to what is widely thought to be a SCIF (secure area) on the White House grounds, but not in the White House.

He maintains that this happens “once or twice a week” and that he did not view the information in the main White House or with the President.

Whatever he learned there he deemed to be of enough importance to go to the media and the President with the news.

Chairman Nunes was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy and served on the President’s transition team  All of that aside, no politician in his right mind would take such public steps just to score a political win in such a partisan atmosphere.

It’s almost as though he wanted to make sure that the public knew there was something fishy going on before he could be silenced.

Even so, what gives his announcement the most weight is how quickly Democrats Senator Chuck Schumer (who should have no say over who chairs any House committee) and Representative Adam Schiff began a smear campaign against him.

That’s been their strategy ever since Mr.Trump announced his candidacy, first with Paul Manafort, then Mike Flynn and finally against Jeff Sessions.

In short, anyone who was in a position to learn something the Democrats didn’t want investigated or even mentioned.

Their repeated announcements that he shouldn’t be in charge of investigating Russiagate completely ignore Nunes’ repeated assertions that whatever he learned had absolutely nothing to do with Russia, and in fact predate the now infamous Trump tweet by several weeks.

Put that together with FBI director Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers’ sudden reversal and refusal to testify in a closed House Intel Committee hearing after already agreeing to do so, and you have the stuff from whence plots for Bond movies are made.

At this point there is a lot of supposition and conjecturing going on.

The Dems calls for an “independent” investigation, considering the anti-Trump bias, are laughable.

About the only way such an investigation could be “independent” is if it was done by some other country’s intelligence service or privately contracted to a firm outside the Washington beltway and even that wouldn’t guarantee acceptance of the results as impartial.

It’s even possible that whatever revelations were made to Nunes had nothing to do with President Trump.  Maybe they were about Benghazi, or ISIS infiltrators.

Whatever it or they turn out to be, it’s apparent that it put the Democrat’s panties in a tight twist.

This may yet turn out to be nothing in the great scheme of things, but at this point, it would behoove us to hope that having opened this can of worms, Chairman Nunes gets a chance to dump all the crawly things into the light.

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