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The politics of hate.

March 30, 2017

Have you ever been so angry at someone that you shouted something along the lines of ” I hope a truck runs over you” and meant it with every fiber of your being?

That’s the kind of visceral, primitive hate that is emanating from the left against President Trump and those who support him.

That kind of extreme emotion is generally fed by one thing…fear.

It’s the reaction that happens when you feel so threatened and so powerless that you can’t see any way to survive other than the destruction of someone or something.

So what is it that the left fears that much?

It looks like it may be the realization that they haven’t managed to hoodwink everyone, and they see their base of power beginning to show cracks in its very foundation.

The liberal revolution hit a snag on November 8, 2016.

Suddenly, the tried and true tactic of pitting one demographic against another isn’t working.

Identity politics, or the strategy of keeping various factions too busy fighting each other to fight the larger threat has been a mainstay of the Democratic party forever.

Nowhere is that strategy more obvious than the current immigration issue.

Take the current reporting on the simpering Massachusetts state representative who took it upon herself to warn the illegal immigrant community about a possibly fictitious ICE raid.

She made it sound as though ICE was going to show up with an army of agents and go house to house arresting people, a la Kristallnacht.

That’s a classic left wing tactic.

Of course it could have been simply a way for her to get her fifteen minutes of fame but it feeds the meme that all immigrants should fear the authorities.

The constant drumbeat from the left is that if you are not a bible-toting Anglo-Saxon male, you are under attack.

When that demographic doesn’t take the bait, then black-garbed thugs show up at rallies and demonstrations and deliberately provoke physical conflict.

That’s typical as well.  It doesn’t take very long for the unstable left to escalate beyond rhetoric to physical violence.

The sanctuary city movement would stall out and sputter to a dead stop if it didn’t have the ability to pit neighbor against neighbor.

People are getting wise to that quickly.

For instance, one family had planned a trip to Sea World, Disneyland and Hollywood this summer.  It’s been a goal for the past three years, and they saved up a pretty good chunk of change to make the trip.

The family has now decided that California is no longer a place they want to visit. Part of it may be  political to be sure, but there is also a feeling that the state may just not be a safe place to go.

Small wonder, when you have the mayors of some of California’s largest cities actively advocating against law enforcement arresting anyone who even looks like they might be part of the illegal immigrant community, much less assisting in deporting those people.

As the father of the family said, “Why would anyone be against deporting people who commit property crimes and assaults on other people?  If we were pick-pocketed or mugged, could we even find a cop or a court who would help us? No thanks.”

This family did not even mention Hispanics in general. What turned them off was the total disregard of the state and city officials for the rule of law.

Granted, there are still a lot of people who take the bait, and it is the battle for those hearts and minds that keep the liberal left in the game.

Oh yes, almost forgot this part. That family?  The parents are naturalized American citizens.  Originally from Mexico.


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