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April 4, 2017

With the news breaking on Fox  and other outlets that former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice (of phony Benghazi video fame) was the person who ordered the names of Trump campaign members unmasked, the story has just crossed over from a political discussion to potentially a criminal one.

And, just as she did before the Benghazi video theory was debunked, Ms. Rice went on every news outlet she could find and denied she even knew about any collection of information on the Trump campaign, much less that she had anything to do with unmasking any names.

If the story, originally attributed to Bloomberg News’ Eli Lake, and now rebroadcast by Fox News and other outlets is accurate, the whole President Trump surveillance meme takes on a far different tone.

Never mind the name of the current President. He could be Mr. Smith for all that it matters now.

The central issue is that of an outgoing administration actively planning a well-funded and wide-reaching campaign to overthrow a legitimately elected President and his administration.

Not cool.

Of course the left is frantically trying to throw cold water by the tanker loads onto the story, but it does seems that there is a visible fire line to view now.

The ties directly to the Obama White House appear to be inescapable, particularly since the names of Ben Rhodes (the former Obama administration Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications) and former CIA director John Brennan are now surfacing as well. .

Ms. Rice was often portrayed, as in this 2014 Breitbart story, as the loyal and compliant Obama handmaiden.

Whether she was the power behind the throne or its willing servant is open to interpretation, and certainly she could be one of a triumvirate of powerful women who were exceedingly influential within the Oval Office.

Certainly there have been other people in the presidential succession line that disliked one another, but no one has yet been accused of converting America’s covert agencies into political special forces operatives.

Even the often infamous J. Edgar Hoover was not conscripted by an administration. He kept his secret surveillance logs to feed his own ego and render him immune from removal due to his private life, no matter who was in office.

But back to the present. It does pay to remember that although Fox is widely thought of as at the very least leaning toward the President, it, like any news agency is at the mercy of its sources. It does seem to try harder than most of its cable competitors to verify its hard news stories before repeating them.

Whether this story goes beyond just the deposed Obama administration to involve others, like George Soros for instance, remains to be seen.

The danger in these revelations is that a Trump administration over-eager for vindication will taint any factual evidence with intemperate actions and over the top speculation.

If this current storyline proves accurate, then what is known now is quite literally just the opening act.

Again, this is more than just partisan politics.

This is a very powerful and secretive group of agencies, some of whom are legally prohibited from operating against U.S. citizens within U.S. borders, being implicated in active spying on U.S. citizens.

The only way that would appear to be  legal is if the objects of the investigation were the primary targets of an investigation into espionage.

Given the sometimes squishy information that the FBI is engaged in an active investigation of persons within the Trump campaign on criminal charges, it would appear that everyone implicated in the possible malfeasance in office has some ‘splainin’ to do.

The problem with that is, the agencies that should be in charge of ferreting out the facts are the ones being investigated now in their own right.

Complicated?  Oh yeah.

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