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Outrage overload.

April 18, 2017

Despite efforts by the MSM to give the Tax Day demonstrations some sense of veritas, most people just weren’t impressed.

However, one young California journalism student decided to go to one of the so-called Tax Day rallies and interview some of the anti-Trump protestors to fulfill his after spring break assignment deadline.

He decided to base his piece on two questions; What does it matter how much President Trump did or didn’t pay as a private citizen, and how would knowing that help the country?

He got answers ranging from “it would prove his toxic masculinity” to “everybody like him should pay 90% of all they make to help the immigrants and poor people,” to “Who cares?  I just wanted a free ride downtown”, to “my girlfriend will think it’s sexy.”

After about an hour he looked at his notes and  thought to himself “The real headline is that these people have absolutely no idea why they are here.”

He even had a headline in mind.  “Tax Day demonstrators stage rave, not protest.”

His next thought was that if he turned in an article based on that, he’d get flunked out of class.

Being a practical young man, he did the smart thing.  He tore up his notes and bailed.

Fortunately, he heard about a pet adoption event taking place at a local store, and was able to put together a nice human interest story for his class assignment.

Hopefully he did learn one lesson, other than self-preservation.

The truth only matters if there is an audience that wants to hear it.

Most people have long since quit paying attention to the left’s political melodrama. With the only theme being “we hate Trump,” they can write the left-wing headlines themselves. Why waste time reading them?

On the right, those adherents already know there is no new audience for their views, so why bother?

In the meantime, there is no shortage of fake outrage headlines, ranging from the President autographing a hat, to the border wall contributing to the extinction of birds and bats.


At some point, real world events may shake up the scene again.  Or maybe, like one of the “Calexit” founders, all the naysayers will just move to Russia.

Still, this is our lives we are talking about, so it might behoove us to check in on the play every once and a while.

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