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Who’s the mouse?

April 25, 2017

Honestly, you need a script to keep all the “breaking news” in context.

Fans of convoluted spy novels by authors such as Britain’s John Le Carré must feel like their favorite author’s works have come to life, not on stage or screen, but in Washington.

There are so many conspiracy theories floating around in the press now that you actually need a cast list and a marked- up copy of the production and script changes to keep them straight.

Not that campaigns of misinformation, half-truths or artfully leaked revelations by that master informant, “anonymous source” are anything new. Politics has always been a game of cat-and-mouse.

As a hobby, watching all this is really quite fascinating, if the study of creative writing and plot development  is your thing.

First we have the accused high profile double agents, Paul Manafort and General Michael  Flynn and Carter Page.

Will they prove to be the mid-level operators being run by seasoned handlers, or just simpleton targets of opportunity for a nefarious foreign power?

What is the underlying plot twist (and there is always an underlying plot twist)?

For instance, is President Trump the spymaster, just another well-handled spook or an innocent bystander?

Who ARE the bad guys?

Will it turn out to be a ring of international master criminals, intent on taking down the United States from within in order to plunder it’s riches for their own gain?

Or will it be another world power, committed to world domination? Is Russia being played by another, even more evil empire?

Ooooo!  Maybe it’s aliens from another planet! You know, Le Carré meets Gene Roddenberry.

OK, enough of the flights of fancy.

The question is whether all this drama is just being used to keep the public titillated, or if in fact we are watching a far more serious war than anything North Korea could initiate being played out on the front page of newspapers and on the evening news.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to keep an open mind.

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