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It isn’t about the wall.

April 26, 2017

First the left doesn’t want a to give a single penny for the wall, then they are castigating the President because he might NOT ask for a single penny for the wall, in the current round of budget battles.

Not exactly models of consistency, are they?

Liberals would have you believe that erecting a barrier, whether you call it a wall or a fence, in the name of border defense is cruel and unusual immigration policy, a plot hatched by a modern day Marquis de Sade.

To sell that idea, you have the loony left worrying about whether birds or bats might fly into a solid, immovable wall or fence. Obviously, they think the native fauna is no smarter than the average human. Either that or they have the wall confused with windmill blades.

Surely if a border wall is so evil,  almost anything else would be more humane, right?  Uh, not really.

Leaving aside the option of just opening all the borders, what are the alternatives available for controlling illegal entry into the United States, if not the symbolic wall?

They could be a lot worse than a wall.

One in particular springs to mind…just shoot the people coming across. Chances are it wouldn’t take more than a few corpses to get the point across.

After all, that’s exactly what happens to people in Mexico, other countries and even American cities who try to stand up to the gangs, human traffickers and drug cartels, and the irony is, they might be using guns we sold them.

Too low tech?  What about something more, shall we say, 21st century?

How about a mile wide, 2,000 mile long pressure plate that sends unpleasant electric shocks through the body when triggered, kind of like the invisible electric fences used to contain pets. That would give a whole new dimension to the term “hot-footing it” into the U.S.

Or how about just energizing the barrier itself? Touch it and find yourself sitting about thirty feet back from the barrier with your hair smoking. In a more humane form, it works on cattle and horses, who only need to be shocked once or twice to learn to stay on their side of the fence. Of course that might really fry a few birds or lizards, but hey, there’s a cost to anything, right?

Or maybe some of those sonic or ultrasonic sound generators. An agent miles away could just turn it on and watch the people drop like flies in a bug spray commercial.

There are probably any number of other unpleasant sci-fi alternatives that could be developed, and heck, all those STEM graduates have to get a job doing something, right?

All kidding aside, the overblown arguments against the wall aren’t about the wall at all.

The truth is the left will not stop until they have gotten their way, and their way is to populate the country with people beholden to the munificent and omnipotent government.

That could very well backfire on them.

You see, most of these people know what it’s like to live under a corrupt government.  They might be a lot harder to hoodwink than the left is counting on.

All it would take is a modicum, even just a thimbleful of common sense, and all of a sudden the left loses its historic edge.

Although the MSM would have you believe that everyone supporting border control is a raving racist, the truth is a lot of people can see a better way that works in some fashion for most of us.

To make the problem at least manageable, the unregulated inflows have to be stopped or at least seriously reduced.

Various polls, assuming that they have validity, have shown that  Americans on both sides of the political divide don’t hate immigrants and would support some sort of path to legal residency for those deserving of that privilege.

What they do hate is not knowing who else may have slithered in using the tracks of people who sincerely just want a better life. Since they don’t know, and the left doesn’t want them to find out, they fear anyone new or strange.

Even the immigrant community doesn’t want the bad guys here. Most of them left their homes to get away from that element, and don’t support it coming here.

There are some politicians with common sense solutions, people who have doubts about the wall being anything more than just a part of those solutions.

The problem is, the hyper-partisan right tends to lump them in with the lunatic left.

That’s the danger in buying into the Hollywood hype. It deafens us to the voices of reason, and that’s as dangerous as ignoring the border completely.

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