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Are extremists cannibalizing their own?

April 28, 2017

To listen to the left, you’d think that former President Obama has just turned into Lucifer.

Granted, it is kind of ironic that his first major paid speaking engagement involves Wall Street.

But is it really any different from Bill and Hillary? In case you missed the last election, they were castigated soundly by Republicans for their cozy ties with Wall Street and the massive speaking fees they received. The left thought that was just witch hunting then.

Where did Democrats and socialists think he was going to speak? After all, a guy’s got to eat and pay the rent, right?

It isn’t as though your local Chamber of Commerce or city college can pony up $400K for an hour or so of a past President’s time, and the last we heard, making a living isn’t against the law, even for Democrats.

So for Elizabeth Warren to say his conduct “troubles” her is actually far more entertaining, and revealing, than anything #44 might have to say to Wall Street.

Maybe it’s just a sign of the far left being equal opportunity haters.

Certainly, that group was none too happy when even the likes of Bill Maher spoke up for actual free speech.

There is a certain element that has a construct for what they will accept as a ‘Democrat” and woe betide the person who colors outside those lines.

The same is true on the far right. They hate President Trump because he isn’t a “true Conservative”, and dump all over House Speaker Paul Ryan (who, BTW didn’t want that job) because he isn’t willing to go to the wall and shut down the government to satisfy a few far right loudmouths.

Get any 1000 people in a room and ask them to sign an extremist loyalty pledge to either party, and the room will clear out to the point you’d need to pay to have a foursome for your next tee time.

The problem is, most people aren’t going to fit in the extremist mold of either party, and that’s why a lot of this hype and drama falls flat out in the real world.

Politics, like water tends to find its own level.

At some point, the sheer absurdity of people like Chris Matthews and Elizabeth Warren or semi-revolutionary fronts like BLM and Fight for the Future  may cease to sell papers or attract clicks.

Until then, hang on for the ride.  It’s still kind of bumpy out there.

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