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What’s the matter with Hillary?

May 6, 2017

Democrats, and by extension the rest of us, can’t seem to break free of the Clintons.

It seems to be a constant source of amazement that Hillary can’t put the election behind her and just go home and be a doting Grandma. Instead she’s once again back in the public eye as an “activist citizen”, championing the “resistance.”

It shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

After being on the top of the political heap, the elder Clintons suddenly and unexpectedly became politically irrelevant overnight. There wasn’t even a short adjustment period to mull over that change.

What Hillary and Bill are doing is just trying to stay relevant and maintain some economic semblance of what has been a normal lifestyle for them for 50 years.

That’s a problem all of us face at different times in our lives.

As we mature we go from being the center of our parent’s universe, to just another cog in the working world.

As parents ourselves, we go from being the center of our children’s world to wondering if the kids have lost our contact information.

As members of the workforce we go from being valuable contributors to society to the passed over old fogey no would hire on a bet.

As retirees we go from having a circle of friends to being the last person still alive in that circle.

In short, Hillary has undergone a lifestyle change that she had never anticipated or prepared for, and she isn’t handling it well.

Add to that the economic impact of being a political has-been, and you have a recipe for desperation.

Yes, her somewhat sad interviews are annoying, and there are undoubtedly more than a few people in her own party that would happily buy her a nice rocking chair, but really, she is more deserving of pity than paranoia.

Maybe she’ll make the needed adjustments the way most of us do, possibly by living vicariously through Chelsea, or by grooming some other young rising political star.

If not, then just put her in perspective.  She really can’t help it.

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