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Agatha Christie’s Washington.

May 10, 2017

Anyone who was getting bored with ordinary humdrum Washington goings-on like battling over healthcare or congressional hearings got their breaking news fix yesterday.

To say that the firing of James Comey was a bombshell does a disservice to the concussive power of a bomb.

True, watching the clean-up crew trying to smooth over what was apparently a Comey faux pas about Hillary’s improper handling of classified email material in his recent Congressional hearing testimony made you wonder why he was still in charge.

Many people outside the swamp thought of Comey as a headline hunter, more concerned with his place on the stage than in running the nation’s premier law enforcement agency competently.

And then there is Washington itself.

Only in Washington could Democratic lawmakers and operatives be calling for Comey’s head  in the morning, and accusing the President of Watergate-style improprieties for firing him eight hours later.

These are the same people blaming the former director for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election.  How long have Democrats been calling for Comey’s dismissal? Go figure.

James Comey came to the FBI with ostensibly good credentials.

Comey was initially touted by the Obama administration as being apolitical, as was Loretta Lynch.  As time passed, it was obvious that might not be quite true in either case.

At the time of Comey’s so-called Clinton absolution press briefing last July, it was quietly posited that this might be more about providing cover for Attorney General Lynch than the actual effect on the election. That was an odd twist.

In fact the whole back story to this is more than slightly odd.

First, then AG Lynch made the incredibly bad decision to have a private meeting with Bill Clinton in the middle of an election campaign  and an FBI investigation into his wife’s conduct as Secretary of State. Thanks to an alert reporter with a good nose, said meeting turned out to be not so private.  Oops.

Then the AG released a public statement that pursuant to the charges being investigated she and the Justice Department would follow “the recommendation of the FBI”  regarding whether to bring charges against Mrs. Clinton or any of her staff at State.

While that wasn’t a formal recusal, it functioned as one, and led to that incredible press conference of July 5, 2016, wherein every word Comey said seemed to assure that Mrs. Clinton would be indicted, right up to the moment he said “no prosecutor would go forward on these  charges” and let her off the hook.

Whisperings at the time indicated that rank-and-file FBI employees were more than a little miffed about Comey’s handling of the investigation.

And as if this wasn’t enough drama in the strangest election ever, in October 2016, and just over a week before people went to the polls, Mr. Comey stirred the investigatory pot again over emails forwarded to a computer shared by Clinton confidante Huma Abedin and her unsavory husband, Anthony Weiner.

Mrs. Clinton herself laid her loss squarely at Comey’s feet. Now he’s a martyr of some kind?

Someone said recently that if President Trump suddenly walked on water, Democrats would say it was because he didn’t know how to swim.

The rest of us figured out immediately that there is nothing the President does or will ever do that won’t be turned into a negative attack by the left.

This time it took mere minutes for Democrats to bring Watergate into the mix and renew their call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump administration..

Of course they would take that tack.  Who would have expected anything different?

All this just reinforces the idea that today’s Washington is just an overly dramatic caricature of a government.

Indeed, if this was a movie every critic would probably say it was just too farfetched to be believable.

Perhaps we’ll get more information as every network sets their best investigative reporters on the scent.

Whether any of it will be credible or just better gossip remains to be seen, and it wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath waiting for whatever passes for the truth in Washington.

BTW. Wouldn’t you love to have the publishing rights to the books that are sure to come?


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