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Your take… on the Comey firing.

May 15, 2017

After the last week of uncontrolled liberal hysteria, what do voters think about the President firing James Comey?

Some are just frustrated in general, some are appreciative of the actual decisions he’s made so far, and some are concerned.

Editor’s Note: Despite this blog’s commitment to quoting people exactly, some comments have been sanitized enough to make them suitable for print.

“Mike”  typifies the simply frustrated Trump supporter.

“I don’t think anybody can clean up Washington. Hell, John Gotti ran a tighter ship than these  %^*&!@+& in Washington. I really thought Trump might be able to handle this crowd, but maybe it’s a bigger job than even he can manage.”

Gee, you mean he didn’t turn out to be a super hero?  The very nature of our political system makes it too easy to expect one little gesture to fix everything. That’s about all the election of Donald Trump accomplished. People voted for him but some of them expect him to right all the wrongs not just by himself, but overnight as well. That’s unreasonable.

“Leah” thinks Trump supporters are giving up too soon.

First, can I say I didn’t vote for him, I voted for a write-in, but here’s what I think. First, at least he keeps his word. I  like a lot of what he’s done. Second, the left is really good at one thing. They find a message and they all, to a  person,  pound it until people just get tired of hearing it and tune all of it out.  What might work is for people who supported Trump to start showing up at these phony rallies and town halls and have marches of their own. The trouble is, most Republicans think they have to stay above the muck.  That won’t work. No President can do it all by himself. It’s time for Republicans, whether they are in Washington or at home to jump in the mud where the fight is and start biting off ears and breaking a few things themselves.”

Well, maybe biting off ears is a step too far, but we get your drift, Leah.

As far as the ability of the left to hang together goes, she’s correct. For some inexplicable reason Republicans have long given the impression that they are too virtuous to sink to their opponents level. Consequently, they wind up cannibalizing their own, as witnessed by people like John McCain, whose dislike of the President causes him to throw in with the Democrats on such issues as the Comey firing.

“Michael”, on the subject of Comey says this:

“What’s all the fuss about?  I’m a business owner with a 40 man crew. I have to fire people every so often, and no two of them are alike.  Some do something so bad you have to terminate them on the spot, and others, it’s a lot of little things that you try to handle one at a time until you can see there’s not going to be a change. To me, that’s what Trump did.  He gave Comey a chance to prove he could do the job the way he should do it, and when he didn’t, well, sayonara. Why can’t these &%$#!@&! news people understand that? He should just do things and assume the media will freak out and move on instead of getting in a pissing match.”

The media does this because it’s profitable. Other people do it because they have a lot to lose.

“Martha” has some advice as well.

“I voted for Mr. Trump, and it wasn’t so he could just sit on his hands and do nothing. I expected him to shake things up, because he said he would. But, he just doesn’t seem to have any what I would call a sense of proportion. I guess by that I mean that he needs to let someone else handle the PR after he does something. Firing Comey was fine, it was legal, and if he didn’t like the way Comey hogged the limelight and stuff he has every right to can him. So why try to make everybody like you for doing it?”

“Sam” is a little less diplomatic. He wanted people to know he is “just a truck driver” who doesn’t “talk pretty.”

“Do what you’re gonna do, and then move on. Get people around you that are all on the same &%&#! page. I didn’t vote for your family or that Bannon guy. I like the hell out of most of what you’ve done, but don’t blow it by talking so much after it’s done. Make sure you’re right, do your thing and ignore the rest.”

Do you see a trend here? Maybe toward less talk?

Yet, even when they seem to criticize him, they applaud his actual actions.

There also seems to be an underlying sense that perhaps Mr. Trump either hasn’t settled into his own style yet, or worse, he doesn’t have one and is just trying to please the people around him. Since some of those people are about as far right as you can get, and others are at least left leaning, it’s causing him to behave erratically.

Some people think it’s because he thinks his base likes it when he hits back. Apparently not all of them do.

Nothing is going to shut his opponents up. They are desperate to get back in power. Their strategy is to keep him off balance and make him look like an impulsive, irrational fool.

Surely he knows that, so why make it easier for them?


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